LAX 'Shooting': Nobody Home - Cops On Bathroom, Lunch Break At Time Of Incident, Says NWO; School 'Shootings'

LAX officers reportedly went on breaks minutes before airport shooting

LOS ANGELES – Minutes before a gunman opened fire in a Los Angeles International Airport terminal last fall, killing a security screener and wounding three other people, the two armed officers assigned to the area left for breaks without informing a dispatcher as required.

When the shooting started, the two officials say one of the armed officers assigned to the terminal was at or just outside an adjacent terminal. One of the officials said the officer was on a bathroom break and the other foot-beat officer was in a vehicle on the tarmac outside Terminal 3, headed for a meal break.

Officers assigned to the terminals must inform supervisors when they want to take a break. "Absent exigent circumstances, (the units) shall not leave the assigned terminal area without prior authorization and a relief unit," the memo stated.

A brief timeline of the alleged November 1, 2013 CIAnCIA - TSA shooting 'event' at LAX reveals: An admission of a choreographed "security exercise" being held at the same time as the alleged event; an immediate call by the TSA for the police-state arming of the TSA; followed up by 'terrified' alleged witnesses themselves calling for a police-state arming of the TSA:

11-1-13 TSA - LAX 'Shooting' A Hoax? "We...Practiced Three Weeks Ago...We Played Out Today" Says Spokesman "Real or staged - how hard is it to discern which is more likely? Well, who has an agenda, and what is the agenda? The first question is easy, everyone knows the answer to that by now..." [video]

11-3-13 CIA-N-CIA Update: Without Missing A Beat TSA Calls For Armed Security At Checkpoints "Want to bring in armed security at the nation's airport checkpoints? Easy as ABC - script an incident, practice it, play it out [see 'follow up' above]...then play it up. Nothing to it"

11-5-13 More LAX Psy-Op? 'Witnesses' Say "It Wasn't Real...It Was Like A Movie...Are TSA Agents Armed?" "...script an incident, practice it, play it out" - And...while it's playing out...bring in the supporting cast..." [video]

And now, to complete the story of how the alleged gunman Ciancia was able to waltz right in like a Sunday stroll in the park and whip up some ZWO made to order ordo-ab-chao...well...that requires some perfect timing. And, wouldn't you know, at the very moment it all went down, the two armed officers responsible for securing the area just so happened to be on 'unauthorized' bathroom and going-to-lunch breaks with no one minding the store.

"It wasn't real..it was like a movie" is what the alleged witnesses said about the incident [see video - 3rd link above]. Were they actually telling the truth?

Anyway, while on the subject of the question of "real or staged", the thought brings to mind the very dramatic increase of late of reported 'school shooting' incidents (and malls). Unheard of in America in years past, it seems that these 'incidents' are somehow now almost becoming commonplace, if not daily, to the point that there is no reaction anymore when people hear about the 'latest one' from the usual msm sources. Which then gives rise to the same question - real or staged? Wear the people down to the point of non-resistance, is that the plan?

As mentioned in the 11-1-13 "Hoax?" post linked above: who has an agenda and what is the agenda? The Latin phrase is cui bono - who benefits. All things taken into consideration, the answer does not seem difficult. The goal of an unarmed population under an authoritarian global government looks to be the only benefactor of these curious events. Just noticing.

That's why they call it ordo ab chao - order out of chaos. The authoritarian antichrist global police state government planned by the ZWO [link] will not build itself. Coming to an airport/mall/school/stadium near you. Take note.
 Rev. 18:4
Rev. 22:20 'Even so, come, Lord Jesus'

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Anonymous said...

Also I have a tweet staying the "shooter" was, "neutralized," in cop terminology that's dead- killed. Reports he was shot body mass yet survived? Jailed? Arraigned? Last I heard he was in SBCS jail. Where is he now? Perhaps Sochi? On another op?