Again? Mall Shooting In Maryland 1/25/14 Described As "Chaotic"; Would That Be Ordo Ab Chao?

Related to: LAX 'Shooting': Nobody Home - Cops On Bathroom, Lunch Break At Time Of Incident, Says NWO; School 'Shootings' 1-22-14 "It wasn't real...it was like a movie" is what the alleged witnesses said about the incident [see: video]. Were they actually telling the truth? ...Anyway, while on the subject of the question of "real or staged", the thought brings to mind the very dramatic increase of late of reported 'school shooting' incidents (and malls). Unheard of in America in years past, it seems that these 'incidents' are somehow now almost becoming commonplace, if not daily...The goal of an unarmed population under an authoritarian global government looks to be the only benefactor of these curious events..."
Chaos described at Maryland mall: 'There's a shooter!'

COLUMBIA, Md. — Three people were killed during a shooting Saturday at a mall in suburban Maryland, including the suspected gunman, authorities said.

“We are very confident that it was a single shooter, that there are no other shooters in the mall,” Howard County Police Chief William J. McMahon said in a news conference outside the Mall in Columbia, adding that it was a busy day at the mall with a lot of shoppers and “a chaotic scene.”

“You just heard people screaming, ‘There’s a shooter! There’s a shooter!’ ” said Tonya Broughton, 43, of Silver Spring, Md. “We just hauled off and ran wherever we could.”

Broughton and Lancaster-Williams got separated in the chaos and only discovered later that they had both taken shelter in the Victoria’s Secret. Broughton said she and others first hunkered down by the fitting rooms, then the manager ushered everyone into a stockroom and locked it.

Is it just chance that the word "chaos" is used to describe this latest 'shooting event'? - which 'events', as mentioned in the 'related to' post linked above, are very strangely becoming a common occurrence these days. What in the world is going on?

"Chaos", as is widely known, is Jewish-freemasonic-illuminati code for ordo ab chao - which as many also know at this stage of the game is Latin for order-out-of-chaos. Order out of chaos is the standard procedure used to effect the desired societal changes required for implementation of the so-called new-world-order. Chaos 'disorders' the old order, creating then the opportunity for 'reordering' to the 'new'. The reordering in this instance apparently, from how these now numerous 'shooting-events' are playing out, looks to be the certain advancement of the NWO police-state apparatus into the much wider sphere of everyday life in the USA. Full-fledged is the only goal...and so-called "soft targets", like malls, are at the top of the list. Is what is happening ordo ab chao reordering? You make the call. On a side note, it is interesting to observe that the alleged shooter is said to have been killed. With this being the case the logistics of the incident are quickly wrapped up, the long-term effects remain. Just noting it.

Compare: After LAX, Now A 'Soft Target' Psy-Op? Hundreds Of Cops Swarm NJ Mall After Phantom 'Shooter Incident' 11-4-13 "Another psy-op already? - it's only been a few days since the last one (LAX)...the pace is quickening at a startling rate. This time it's the next location slated for permanent police state transition, the 'shopping mall'...hundreds of cops flood in, swarm the mall floor by floor, store by store, evacuating people, and poof, the reported phantom helmeted 'shooter' dressed in black vanishes, but, the police-state effect remains. Perhaps the 'logical conclusion' that is supposed to be arrived at is that if only the mall had 'armed guards' then the 'shooter' would not have been able to 'escape.." [see post]

Oregon Mall Incident Brings Calls For "New Level" of Mall Security - Armed Guards And Towers? 12-12-12 "'Dimoff said mall security officers are usually unarmed and not a strong deterrent...To prevent copycat crimes, Dimoff said he believes malls need to take steps to enhance surveillance equipment and hire better trained, armed personnel' - It's too predictable. The intent to include so-called "soft targets", like malls, in the NWO police-state takeover of the USA has been an openly declared "agenda item" for a couple of years now..."

Rev. 18:4
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