Repeal Of CA Transgender-Law Moves Forward Jan. 8; Transgender Group Predicts Repeal Effort Will Fail

Effort To Repeal New California Transgender Protections Law To Move Forward

A referendum initiative to repeal a new law protecting transgender students in California survived the first round of a statewide verification process, the California Secretary of State’s office confirmed to BuzzFeed Wednesday.

The law, Assembly Bill 1266, took effect Jan. 1 and ensures transgender public school students are able to participate in sports and other activities and use school facilities based on their gender identity. The bill passed in the state legislature last summer and was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown Aug. 13. It was the first state to approve such legislation.

In order for the repeal to appear on the ballot, the full count must find at least 504,760 valid signatures — and faces an uphill battle in that count. County officials have 30 days to count the signatures with results due Feb. 24

The [first step in the process] random sampling found that 482,582 signatures were projected to be valid, or 3,060 more signatures than were required to move to the full count (479,522).

Officials in the state’s 58 counties will now conduct a full review to verify each of the 619,244 signatures submitted

But opponents of the referendum say it moves forward with an “incredibly narrow” margin. And just last month, some predicted the referendum effort wouldn’t survive the random sampling process, let alone a full count.

“Given how close this is right now, we are confident this will stay off the ballot,” said Masen Davis, executive director of the Transgender Law Center, of the Wednesday results.

A "random sample" returned a "projected" number of valid signatures to be 482,582. That is enough to continue the signature validation process to the next step of a full count, which is where it stands now, but, if that were to be the final number it would not be enough to pass the measure. 619,000 signatures collected, 504,000 needed for validation.

First question that comes to mind is who is doing the 'validating'? California is only the first state. The agenda is global. The "Transgender Law Center" says that they do not expect the effort for the referendum to succeed. February 24th will tell the tale...

As to the current status of AB1266 forced transgenderization-of-your-world this quote from a related article:  "There also remains some debate as to whether the new law is, or is not, in effect while the referendum signatures are being tallied. School officials across California have been advised (PDF) to begin implementing the transgender students policy." [link]
This post is a follow up on: CA 'Transgender' Madness May Be Stayed Jan. 8 Pending Validation Of Referendum Signatures 1-6-14 "The signatures are there, the validating of those signatures...we'll know soon enough. Either way, here is what is known for certain: The homosexual-transgender-pedophile agenda to create a homogenized genderless subservient opinionless serfdom with which to manage the planet for the purposes (enjoyment) of the self-declared master race is not going away. California courts with their appointee judges have already defied the will of the people by throwing out the result of the vote against homosexual pseudo-marriage and, backed by SCOTUS in June of last year -2013, legalized it..." [see post]

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