Haitian Quake 4-Yr Mark 1-12-14: "Non-Integrating" Haiti Being NWO Integrated; And Bible Prophecy*

This is a repost of an article from two years ago [link] which marked the 2-yr date of the destruction of the capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, on 1-12-10; that terrible day which reportedly took a toll of upwards of 200,000 lives. Essentially the only difference in Haiti today [1-12-14] from the two-year point will be that the "sustainable path" for "Haiti on the move" [see posted article below], i.e. the corporate "global-integration" program jump-started by the 'natural' disaster of 1-12-10, is today, 2014, just that much further along:

[Originally posted 1-12-12] Two year Update on: "Corporate Globalization" And American Military Planning "Long-Term Reconstruction" Effort In Haiti 1-15-10 "Under the circumstances it is very interesting to note that the little nation of Haiti has up until now been considered a "non-integrating gap" nation - one that is "resisting corporate globalization", as designated by Pentagon globalization strategist Thomas Barnett in his 2004 book 'The Pentagon's New Map'...In line with these facts, it is most interesting to note that as a result of this truly unimaginable situation in what is now the decimated capital city of Haiti, the Pentagon's "corporate globalization" goals for this little country, so long delayed, look about to be finally realized as the American military makes it's way in with long term 'nation-building' plans, aka "reconstruction". It is exactly what was wanted. A week ago the door was still closed, but no longer. The corporate globalization machine is moving in for good. As Barnett stated in his book, the globalization strategy to be employed is to "preemptively take control of the gap". What then shall we think? [see full post]
Haiti Is on the Move huffingtonpost.com

[excerpted] "Two years ago, a catastrophic earthquake shook Haiti and devastated its capital, Port-au-Prince...it is important to keep in mind that even before the earthquake, Haiti was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The 7.0 magnitude quake, the largest urban disaster in modern history, instantly reduced buildings to rubble, killed hundreds of thousands, and left more than 1.5 million people displaced.

Two years later, there are evident signs of progress, and President Martelly has declared that Haiti "is open for business."

The United States Government, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Haiti, is building an industrial park on the country's northern coast, which has the potential to create 65,000 jobs and become the country's largest private source of employment.

Helping Haiti get on a sustainable path of development requires close coordination with the private sector. USAID has entered into partnerships with major companies, including a venture with Coca-Cola that will help increase production and raise revenues of 25,000 mango farmers. A collaborative initiative with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has spurred the development of a "mobile money" industry that has enabled Haitians who have never had access to banking services to receive secure payments, save money, and make transactions on their cell phones.

In all these ventures, USAID is collaborating closely with the Haitian government and local organizations...Haiti still faces a long road to recovery, but is on the right path."
re: "Haiti is open for business"

Haiti now open for business? A little less than a month ago the Iraq war was officially declared 'over', and Iraq's prime minister Nouri al-Maliki declared the previously "non-integrating nation" of Iraq as also being "open for business":
NWO Takeover Of Iraq: U.S. Troops Out, 400 "Executives" In 12-18-11 "Iraq’s “limitless” opportunities “open for business”" - Iraq will now be officially 'incorporated' into the NWO. All it took to accomplish it was 9/11 and a nine year war and an uncountable number of deaths."

Before the unimaginable catastrophe that befell the Haitian people two years ago, Haiti too had been marked out as a 'coporate globalization resistor', i.e. a "non-integrator" [see 'update' at top]. As very clearly revealed by the above report though, that is all changed now. Haiti, after suffering sudden devastation on 1-12-10, is now being 'reconstructed' in the Zionist Agenda 21 aka 'sustainable development' model of collaborative public-private partnerships, i.e. corporate controlled i.e. 'privatized' global government...aka the NWO.

Only as a direct result of the unimaginable catastrophe that befell the Haitian people two years ago has this come about. That is a fact, and a remarkable one. Only because of it is Haiti "now open for business". And only because of it, previously non-integrating Haiti, like Iraq, is now being permanently integrated i.e. incorporated into the NWO. This is defined in the above article as being "on the right path".

What then shall we think? Geologic engineering?

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(in the aftermath of Fukushima): Hillary Clinton Announces Japan To Be Reconstructed With An NWO "Public-Private Partnership" (aka Agenda 21) 4-17-11 "Hillary Clinton...announced in Tokyo that the US and Japan had agreed on a "public-private partnership for reconstruction..." - "Japan is very 'old-world-order'. For them to ever be converted to the 'new-world-order' a lot of things would need to be severely 'shaken'. That has happened...and little more than five weeks later, arrangements are already in place to convert old-world Japan to the new order (ordo ab chao) of things, i.e. the new-world order...All it took to accomplish this pending conversion of the people of Japan into the 'new-world global agenda' was a massive 'quake', followed by a massive 'tsunami', followed by a massive and ongoing 'nuke crisis'..."

Haiti Earthquake Caused By 'Unknown' Fault Line 8-14-10 huffingtonpost.com "The devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in January was unleashed by a previously undetected fault line..."

Manmade Earthquakes? 'Maybe We Are' Says UCLA Researcher 10-15-10

Flashback: Man-Made Earthquakes? Israel, University of Hawaii Simulating Quakes With Explosives 1-24-10
"Corporate globalization" is a brutal business"

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"Corporate globalization" is also bible prophecy; see: 'The fourth beast...shall devour the whole earth...' Dan. 7:23

Rev. 18:4

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Today (Jan 13) is the anniversary of the breakup of the USSR, with Lithuania and Latvia withdrawing. That is another huge anniversary that changed the course of history. Now both are part of the EU. Not truly free and self governing after all.