Babylon Updates Jan. 2014: Pope Announces One-World Religion Tour; New FBI; Gay Boy Scouts; America On Dope

see: Horns like a lamb -
NWO fake False Prophet
One-World-Religion: Bergoglio-Francis Announces Ecumenical Tour
Pope Francis announced his upcoming pilgrimage to the Holy Land on Sunday, following his usual Angelus address. The Pope’s three-day trip will run from May 24 to May 26, and will include a meeting with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, as well as meetings with the Muslim and Jewish communities.  The auxiliary bishop of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, William Shomali, told Vatican Radio that the community in the Holy Land is “expecting a lot from this visit”. “Christians, Jews and Muslims (in the Holy Land) are counting on this visit to intensify the ecumenical and the interreligious relationships,” he said. He said one of the highlights will be the encounter between Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, along with all of the bishops and patriarchs of the Holy City. He also expressed the hope that this visit would advance relations with the Orthodox Church.

FBI quietly drops 'law enforcement' as its primary mission
The FBI's creeping advance into the world of counterterrorism is nothing new. But quietly and without notice, the agency has finally decided to make it official in one of its organizational fact sheets. Instead of declaring "law enforcement" as its "primary function," as it has for years, the FBI fact sheet now lists "national security" as its chief mission.

national security = police state implementation

'It’s Not a Hate Thing’: Boy Scouts Face Monumental Loss After Choice to Allow Openly-Gay Members
While those in support of the new-found policy are frustrated that gay leaders are still not permitted to take part, others who oppose the amendment believe that the group is abandoning its Christian heritage. Among the denominations that may cut off support for the Scouts is the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Church leaders, according to CNN, are planning to urge the religious order’s 45,000 congregations and 16 million members to officially cut ties with the Boy Scouts.

Planning? What planning? It's either accepted or rejected. No brainwork required. Do not be surprised if it never happens. Laodicea is apostate...the responsibility is on the individual - protect your sons from the men of Sodom - Gen. 13:13

see: Homosexual Advocate Robert Gates (Pentagon) Named President Of Boy Scouts 10-31-13

New CNN Poll Finds Americans' Support For Legal Weed Is Soaring
A new CNN poll has found that 55% of Americans surveyed believe that pot should be legal — a sharp increase from the past decades. The number of Americans who supported pot in 1987 was just 16%, according to CNN. It has steadily been increasing since then and was up to 43% two years ago.

So-called "polls" coming from the msm serve only the 'NWO' agenda du jour. They are used to manipulate public perception of current events. In this case, the "poll" purports to prove the public acceptance of legal marijuana. Look, the majority is in favor, might as well go ahead and make it legal across the board is what the social-engineers of the novus-ordo-seclorum would have John Q. Public now believe. Why the sudden push to 'get America stoned'? Simple. Smoking marijuana makes people "dumb and numb" - which is why they call it 'dope' - which is exactly how the NWO-ites want their "useless eater" slaves during these late (final) stages of transition from old order to new order - dopey - they are so much easier to control that way. Legalize it, says Washington.

Rev. 18:4 'And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues'

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