"Drop And Cover" - First Ever 'Meteorite Warning' Issued by "Physicians For Civil Defense"; Illuminati Meteor Card

Follow up on: 'Noah' Movie Trailer: "It Begins"; And 'Meteorite' Propaganda? 11-27-13 "It is most interesting though that "meteorites" would be portrayed in this movie. Also, to consider that this could not be without design. Suppose it has anything to do with a possible intended meteorite-conditioning of John Q. Public? It was not even one year ago with the reported 'meteorite' incident in Russia that the world was first introduced to the newest unpredictable-threat against the 'old paradigm' of flaming projectiles striking the earth at any given moment...Meteorites, meteorites, here come the meteorites. And so there it is. John Q. Public is now being told that there is another 'new normal' to contend with, which is that any city anywhere on the planet could get an 'impact', at any given time, with no warning, bang, city wiped out by a 'meteorite'. On that note, it is amazing to consider how this would, in a instant, prepare an entire geographic region for some ordo-ab-chao type NWO transformation. Just noticing... [see post]
"Drop and take cover when you see the bright flash from a meteor fireball", U.S. doctors urge

Blast damage in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk last February saw thousands of windows blown in by the shockwave, which arrived a couple of minutes after the bright flash. U.S. doctors working with Federal emergency preparedness programs are encouraging people, once they see a similar bright flash, to get away from windows during those crucial few minutes.

At the time of the Emergency Management Agency of Utah (UEMA) conference on Jan 9, 2014, Physicians for Civil Defense issued the following statement:

"All Americans, starting with first responders and emergency managers, need to know this basic life-saving principle: "Drop and cover if you see a sudden very bright light."

Such a light will be followed by a deadly shock wave within seconds. Those who drop and cover will probably survive. Those who do not are likely to be killed or suffer severe injury."

"Large meteor strikes are sufficiently probable that both the U.S. and Russia are working on ways to divert them. In 1908 a meteor strike flattened 800 square miles of Siberian forest," stated president Jane M. Orient, M.D.
Re: 'Large meteorite strikes are sufficiently probable'

"Drop and cover if you see a sudden very bright light", says the president of "Physicians for Civil Defense", a group of "U.S. doctors working with Federal emergency preparedness programs". Anybody paying attention knows that reports of meteorites, including for the sake of discussion asteroids, comets, and every other type of so-called "space rock", have been all-of-a-sudden literally off-the-chart over the last year or so. Mysterious lights in the sky all over the globe - some being called "fireballs", claimed meteorites flying all over the place, a few reported to be striking the earth or landing in the ocean, comets all over the place shedding 'dust' that could enter the earth's atmosphere we are told - it's extreme space-rock-danger everywhere you look according to the scientific-type spokespeople of the NWO. How is this possible. Might even be more rogue 'meteorites' and space-rocks et al. threatening the earth now than supposed "sinkholes" [link], if that is possible, if we are to believe what we are being told about these things, that is.

"Large meteorite strikes are sufficiently probable" is the official new paradigm for planet earth though, according to virtually every 'scientific agency' and msm news source on the planet. Never mind that that was not the case yesterday, it is now. Just like the world witnessed in February of last year [2013] in Russia when, we are told, a big 'space rock' came out of nowhere and exploded over a city [see 'Ison' and 'hoax?' below]. And if it happened once then it's "sufficiently probable" to happen again, we are now being told over and over. So much so, that an absolute unprecedented type of warning is apparently now needful for earthlings: an actual "drop and cover" meteorite warning from an actual government agency [UEMA].

Can a meteorite strike be simulated? Decide for yourself, but if you see a sudden very bright light...might want to drop and cover i.e hit the deck - according to the official government warning of 1-9-14. Maranatha.
 Rev. 18:4

"Disaster! This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Place"
See: Imaginary (?) Ison Debris May Hit Earth Around New Year, Say Russian Scientists; And NWO 'Meteorite' Agenda 12-2-13 "[Regarding the reported 2-'13 Russian 'meteorite'] ...what has happened is that a brand new existential threat to the "old-world-order" has been introduced to the world at large...As reported...some Russians believe that what hit there was a missile... [in the post] is a video of a congressional hearing one month after the fact (March-April 2013), where the seriousness of this new "meteorite threat" to the people of the world was discussed. The Russian 'meteorite' is the topic of the discussion. This reported 'meteorite', like 'comet Ison', also left very little evidence behind. To start with, it was undetected, because, it is said, the sun was in their eyes [:47 and 4:22]. Then, it landed in the middle of a frozen lake, according to the reports, and no photos were possible. Reportedly it was recovered at a much later date but that story received very little attention. Was it real? Interesting choice of words by a couple of speakers in this video. At :09 the newsman uses the term "rocketed". At 1:04 the congressman uses the word "detonated". Are those verbal clues 'hidden in plain sight'? Exploding rockets?" [see post, follow links, connect dots]

also: Meteorite Hoax? Russian Politician Says Yes - NWO Says Meteorites The New Threat 2-16-13 "So were they real meteorites, or giant 'molotov cocktails'..."
1-13-14 update: NWO Meteorite Agenda: 'Light' Over NY May Have Been 'Meteor' From 'Ison' Says 'Expert'; Eye-Of-Horus Photos "..what was actually reported was a "streak of light" and a "loud boom". It is the "astronomy expert" who has assured everyone that this was in fact, "more than likely", says he, almost certainly, it must have been, a "meteor". Do you believe that?
Psalms 96:5 'For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens'


Anonymous said...

More mention of bright light, but related to earthquakes


tom m. said...

Here's a quote from that article:

"Researchers writing in the latest issue of Seismological Research Letters have found this phenomenon was caused by a type of earthquake in which one of the Earth's tectonic plates was pulled apart, creating a rift.

The tension during this process created an electronic charge, which turned into light when it reached the surface."

heard it all now...