Detroit 'Bankruptcy' Update: "Emergency Manager" Opens Door For Water Privatization; 1-21-14

Follow up on: Detroit Bankruptcy Is Agenda 21 - 'Privatizing' and 'Appropriating' 12-3-13 "...bankruptcy proceedings in Detroit is not a surprise. Not in the slightest degree. It is in fact the outworking of so-called Agenda 21. A21 is a global power grab. It is not about the environment. It is about seizing control of every aspect of life on this planet - person, place, and thing - and putting that control into private hands (666 or bust)...Appointed "emergency managers" work for the global cabal. They dissolve, privatize, then globalize. All that is needed is the apparent justification to appoint one - like a 'financial crisis' threatening 'bankruptcy' needing to be 'managed', exactly what is being seen in Detroit...Financial ordo-ab-chao brings private appointees, private appointees hand over city lands to private hands, private hands take over and control communities and the people that live there. The plan is global. This is how it is being done. Many more cities in the USA are under threat of "financial crisis" and possible bankruptcy, John Q. Public is being told, and, it is easy to see the real reason now" [see post, follow links]
Emergency manager accelerates plans to “monetize” Detroit water department

The proposed “regionalization” of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) being promoted by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is an opening salvo by the financial elite to privatize one of the largest municipally operated water and sewage treatment systems in the US.

The regionalization plan would create a new entity–the Metropolitan Area Water and Sewer Authority (MAWSA)–to take over the operations of the DSWD.

The water department serves three million people in southeast Michigan, providing what is arguably the most needed resource for the population. As a public entity managed by the city, state law prohibits the DWSD from charging rates higher than what is needed to recover its production costs.

During the Detroit bankruptcy eligibility trial, New York investment banker Kenneth Buckfire spoke for the financial speculators eyeing the water department, saying, “The only way is to sell it or privatize it. Several private equity firms have expressed interest, but only if they can charge higher rates.”

There are specific obstacles in the City Charter to selling off and privatizing city assets like the water department and public lighting, but Michigan’s anti-democratic emergency manager law gives Orr dictatorial powers to override the City Charter.

The threat to the DWSD is not a unique occurrence. Public water systems are being eyed by financial speculators all over the country and the world as a source of future revenues.

Below is an old article, but it gives the gist of the situation with regard to the global agenda concerning water. Nothing has changed. Privatizing water so as to be sold 'for profit', and, as a means of absolute control over every facet of life on the planet, is a high priority item on the globalist agenda. Without water life on the planet does not exist. Privatizing water will not only affect the individual in their home but will affect food production, manufacturing, land usage, etc. Virtually everything:

UN says water not a 'human right' 3-26-08 "He who controls the water, controls all life on the planet...a United Nations meeting rejected calls for water to be recognized as a basic human right - Instead, a special resolution proposed by Germany and Spain at the UN human rights council was stripped of references that recognized access to water as a human right - But a social advocacy group said that the position was designed to protect the right to sell water..."  - Expect to see this type of talk increasingly, and when you do understand what's happening. According to the UN, you no longer have any inherent right to water, which must mean that it is to be seen as a "privilege". Whoever 'owns' the water will soon be deciding what you may or may not do with 'their' water. It will be bought and sold as a commodity, and used to manipulate virtually everything that happens on the earth..."

With Detroit's 'financial crisis' resulting in 'bankruptcy' having created the opportunity, Detroit's appointed "emergency manager", using his newly-acquired dictatorial power to override city law, has now officially set forth a plan to 'privatize water' in Detroit. As reported, the prospective 'water owners' have already stated their intention to "charge higher rates".

Controlling the globe by controlling the water? That's the ZWO global-dictatorship plan ['z' for zionist; link]. Detroit today, the world tomorrow. Global dictatorship is bible prophecy. Believe it or not [Luke 21:31-33]. Be aware.
 Rev. 18:4
Deut. 10:14 'Behold, the heaven and the heaven of heavens is the LORD’s thy God, the earth also, with all that therein is'

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