NWO Meteorite Agenda: 'Light' Over NY May Have Been 'Meteor' From 'Ison' Says 'Expert'; Eye-Of-Horus Photos

Follow up on: "Drop And Cover" - First Ever 'Meteorite Warning' Issued by "Physicians For Civil Defense"; Illuminati Meteor Card 1-11-14 "Anybody paying attention knows that reports of meteorites, including for the sake of discussion asteroids, comets, and every other type of so-called "space rock", have been all-of-a-sudden literally off-the-chart over the last year or so. Mysterious lights in the sky all over the globe - some being called "fireballs", claimed meteorites flying all over the place, a few reported to be striking the earth or landing in the ocean, comets all over the place shedding 'dust' that could enter the earth's atmosphere we are told - it's extreme space-rock-danger everywhere you look according to the scientific-type spokespeople of the NWO...Just like the world witnessed in February of last year [2013] in Russia when, we are told, a big 'space rock' came out of nowhere and exploded over a city [see post]. And if it happened once then it's "sufficiently probable" to happen again, we are now being told over and over...So were they real meteorites, or giant 'molotov cocktails'..." [see post]
Astronomy expert: Meteor likely in Upstate New York, but was it caused by Comet ISON?

Oswego, NY -- Upstate New Yorkers who heard a loud boom or saw a streak of light across the sky Sunday more than likely witnessed a meteor, according to an astronomy expert.

"There are random meteors all the time," Roby said, "but there's a small chance that this might be related to Comet ISON, which broke up when it passed near the sun on Thanksgiving."

"It definitely sounds like a meteor," said Scott Roby, associate professor of astronomy and planetarium director at the State University College at Oswego.

"Comets are litterbugs," he said. "Whenever Earth passes through an old or new comet orbit, it can run into lots of rocks."

Random meteors -- made of rocks and dust leftover from the creation of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago -- hit Earth, on average, seven times an hour, every day, Roby said..."Random meteors could have caused this," Roby said, "or we could be lucky and it could have been a piece of Comet ISON burning up in the sky."

The above article/report is a perfect example of the 'new-normal-meteorite-threat' as mentioned in the 'follow up' at the top. These type of 'reports' have become virtually a daily occurrence across the globe - times ten. Watch for them, you may be astounded. The (imaginary) 'Ison' spin put on this particular 'sighting' is to be expected during this time period though, as revealed by this post from a little over a month ago:

Imaginary (?) Ison Debris May Hit Earth Around New Year, Say Russian Scientists; And NWO 'Meteorite' Agenda 12-2-13 "'Christmas gift" from the comet...threatens to become a surprise for earthlings...debris from the head of it crosses the path of the earth around the sun a week later, just before the New Year, and meet with our planet...you can expect an intensification of meteor activity. This may seem like a bright flash in the sky tiny meteors, they will burn up in the Earth's atmosphere ... one can not exclude a meteorite falling to Earth' - what has happened is that a brand new existential threat to the "old-world-order" has been introduced to the world at large...As reported...some Russians believe that what hit there was a missile [Chelyabinsk 2-'13]" ... One more thing - about all those Ison photos and videos, like this one for example [see post], of which there were literally thousands published online and in newspapers and on television newscasts: ...they are all actually giant 'eyes' - circular colored area with a [supposed to be the sun blacked out] pupil. Millions worldwide have been staring for months right into the eye-of-horus."

Note: If you go to the above linked article on the 'possible NY meteor' sighting the first thing you will see on the page is this red eye-of-horus (imaginary) Ison photo, but HUGE - taking up half the page. Hello...

Think the eye-thing is just a coincidence? Or is there now something going on that might be called a "meteorite agenda"? Note from the above story that what was actually reported was a "streak of light" and a "loud boom". It is the "astronomy expert" who has assured everyone that this was in fact, "more than likely", says he, almost certainly, it must have been, a "meteor". Do you believe that? Be very aware at any rate - as seen in the 'follow up' post above it has now come to a point where so-called "meteorite warnings" are actually being put out. That says a lot.

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Rev. 18:4

Deut. 4:39 'Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the LORD he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none else'

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