Year In Review: 2012 - The Year The NWO Went Wild

London 2012 closing ceremony - Phoenix
rises from the ashes of the old-order
2012 should be seen as the year the NWO 'went wild'. No holds barred, nothing sacred, everything put in motion. Technically the blitzkrieg began on New Years Eve 2011 with the passing of the NDAA. From that point it was 'game on'. So many things were done, keeping this list at 25 was difficult, but from global "counter-terrorism" bureaus, to the beginning of drones, to stripping free-speech rights, rights to your person, and religious freedom, to so-called Obama-care, to ritual pagan celebrations disguised as Olympic games, to the financial consolidation of Europe, to name just a few, these stories represent somewhat of a panorama of the radical paradigm-shift that was perpetrated throughout every area of society, and not only in 'the homeland, but globally. It is a completely different world than it was even one year ago, as these headlines reveal.

Note: The NWO, so-called, is not your friend, as these headlines reveal:
1.  12-31-11  White House Signs NDAA, Wipes Out The Constitution
"Despite any pretended "reservations" the Occupy White House movement claims to have about the unlimited and unchecked authority that they have just granted themselves by creating and passing the NDAA - the "National Disappearing Authorization Act", it is now officially 'on the books'. Makes zero difference who says what, the deed is done."

2.  1-5-12  Global Police State Birthed: U.S. And Foreign Governments Announce "Bureau of Counterterrorism" Launch
"Bureau of Counterterrorism...the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and foreign governments...develop civilian counterterrorism strategies and operations...The effort brings together the US, Turkey and the European Union, joined by 27 countries including Algeria, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia and Jordan..."

3.  2-8-12  US Congress Passes "FAA Reauthorization Act": 30,000 Drones By 2020
"The agency projects that 30,000 drones could be in the nation's skies by 2020...The legislation would order the FAA, before the end of the year, to expedite the process through which it authorizes the use of drones by federal, state and local police and other agencies."

4.  2-10-12  Dutch Government Sending Out 'Terminators': World's First Mobile Euthanasia Units
"The world’s first mobile team to administer euthanasia in patients’ homes will be launched next month. Units will be dispatched when family doctors refuse to administer lethal drugs on ‘ethical’ grounds. The group confirmed the unit in The Hague will be the first of six that will target borderline cases in which family GPs are reluctant to administer euthanasia."

5.  3-1-12  GCB - Good Christian B*****S Begins 3-4-12 On ABC
"Antichrist Kabalist-Talmudic-Zionist Hollywood is not satisfied with their never ceasing promotion of homosexuality and homosexual pseudo-marriage, or their 'desensitizing the public to pedophilia' agenda, which is constant although few can identify it, but will now break new ground once again with this blatant and mocking assault on Christians, specifically Christian women, and on Christianity."

6.  3-13-12  White House Passes H.R. 347, Grants "Sweeping Powers" To Squelch Free Speech
"It's open-ended...they can bend or mold it any which way...at any given time"

7.  3-19-12  "Defense Preparedness" EO Grants Virtual Dictatorial Authority To "President" For Any Reason Of "Defense Needs"
"The past versions stated that the purpose of the order was to ensure capability to "respond to threats against national security" (see: Clinton's '94 EO 12919). In the new version "threats against national security" has been replaced with "responding to the national defense needs": Obviously, "responding to the national defense needs" can be made to mean just about anything, and obviously, that is exactly the intent."

8.  3-22-12  Globalist Agenda 21 "White House Council On Strong Cities, Strong Communities" Created By EO 3-15-12 
What this is not: American representative government. What this is: Open implementation of the Agenda 21 global system of networked control over the entirety of American society...for the purpose of weaving it into the one world government."

9.  3-27-12  Military Academy Holds 1st Ever 'Gay Pride Week' - Calls It Way To "Enlightened Future"; Coast Guard, West Point To Follow
"The events are believed to be the first of their kind on a military campus..."It's saying that we as a military community are looking to more to the future, that we're not quibbling about the past, what was or what wasn't," he said, "that we can take a leadership role to help move our students to a more enlightened future."

10.  4-8-12  True Story: U.S. Military Planning For "Alien Invasion"
"U.S. Military planning for an alien invasion...are they serious? Just as serious as the United Nations, NASA, Penn State, and the NWO controlled media apparently...As alien-hype has gotten to this highest possible level over the past year or so, it is now very clear that there is definitely a very real and massive agenda being carried out. As to what exactly that agenda is, there is only one possible way to make sense of it - biblically"

11. 4-12-12 SCOTUS Says Americans Can Be Strip Searched For Any Reason
"The Supreme Court ruled Monday that those arrested for even minor violations may be strip-searched before being admitted to jail, saying safety concerns outweigh personal privacy rights." ...The symbolic message the kabalist NWO-ers are sending is that Americans have now been stripped naked - they have no more rights. The new-world-order is upon us; April 2012"

12.  5-24-12  True Story - U.S. Government Appoints "Assassination Czar"
"Our legal authority is not limited to the battlefields in Afghanistan. Indeed, neither Congress nor our federal courts has limited the geographic scope of our ability to use force to the current conflict in Afghanistan. We are at war with a stateless enemy, prone to shifting operations from country to country." - Terrorists - the "stateless enemy". The invisible foe of freedom worldwide. Now the justification for the NWO's assuming of godlike powers - answerable to none - of life and death."

13.  6-12-12  Sandusky Pedophile Case Goes Live - NWO Assault On The Sensibilities Of America Is On
"...the NWO Bureau of Propaganda child-molestation desensitization process now goes mainstream. And make no mistake, that is exactly what it is. Scripted, choreographed, and broadcast ad nauseam in graphic detail, everyday, all day and all night on every possible media outlet, it is an open assault upon the minds of the public..."

14.  6-22-12  Rio+20 'Climate' Summitt: World In Agreement To Adopt "New Models of Thinking"; Global Government Is Here
"And so, people of planet earth, the fact is that in Rio de Janeiro 2012, all 130 countries in attendance have committed and agreed to what Hillary Clinton calls "the models of new thinking". In layman's language, this means they are all fully on board, and are now actively submitting their governments, and people, to what is nothing less than absolute dictatorial control of every aspect of life on the globe, via so-called SDG's, or "sustainable development goals". All, once again, to 'save the earth'."

15.  6-28-12  SCOTUS Passes 'Obamacare' - U.S. On Fire
"Very interesting to note that on the very day that so-called Obamacare gets a thumbs-up, foundationally transforming America from a free people to a government-owned people, which is precisely what it amounts to, that it just so happens that there are exactly "33 large fires" burning across the nation..."

16.  7-29-12  Aurora CO And The Olympic Opening Connection: Giant Baby As The Birth Of 'Titan'; And Zion
"As unlikely as it should be, the Aurora, CO incident of July 20, 2012, and the 2012 London Zion Olympics opening ceremony one week later, with the very strange appearance of a 'giant' (titan) baby, when taken together, seem to present a completed picture that goes beyond the realm of chance."

17.  8-1-12  HHS Mandate Takes Effect Today 8-1-12; Religious Groups Vow Disobedience
"A group of freshmen congressmen on Wednesday said that a regulation issued under Obamacare by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has taken freedom of religion away from Americans."

18.  8-13-12  London Olympics Closing Ceremony Sends Dark Message
"2012 London Zion Olympics Close On A Dark Note: The Phoenix Rises, The Star Descends, Bottomless Pit Opened"

19.  9-1-12  Google, Walmart, Etc. Pushing Cashless Mobile-Payment Systems; And Isis
Google, Walmart, Penney's, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and others, all beginning to morph into a massive 'smartphone' cashless control grid, and a new system launching this month to link them up called "ISIS" - In the very simplest terms possible, "Isis" is the embodiment of the concept of the "divine feminine" which permeates many religions...This world, being in rebellion against the Triune God of the Bible, is not directed or controlled by the Spirit of God, but by the opposing 'spirit of this world'. Isis is one of the primary names used for this antichrist spirit, and it just so happens that Isis is now also the name of the new system to bind people into the fast-approaching cashless control grid (the new 'ephah') of the kabalist Babylonian NWO."

20.  10-1-12  'NWO Amerika Update: Religious Protesters At White House Arrested Three Days Straight; Vow Resistance
"WASHINGTON—Pro-life activists from across the country were arrested for a third straight day Monday for protesting on restricted space in front of the White House. The protests were sparked by the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate that forces faith organizations to cover birth control and abortion-inducing drugs"

21.  10-27-12  Another Executive Order 10-26-12: "Homeland Security Partnership Council" - DHS To 'Partner' Everything
"Once again, no congressional action whatsoever, simply a decree by the NWO robo-signer-in chief, and the 'Agenda for Totalitarian Control of the North American Continent' officially and permanently subjugates every possible U.S. entity across the board to DHS authority - "the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, community-based organizations, and State, local, tribal, and territorial government and law enforcement" - all now to be subservient to, which is to say controlled by, the DHS's NWO police state agenda...i.e. "homeland security priorities"."

22.  11-10-12  NWO And Michelle Obama Creating "Lets Move" Cities, Towns, And Counties
"This little news bite is an enormously significant development with regard to the one-world-government 'communitarian transformation' program now underway in New Amerika 2012. What has been done here is in fact taking the process to a whole new level by 'incorporating' entire cites, and towns, and counties into the totalitarian global system."

23.  11-12-12  Fake 'Electronic' Election? States Report Many Precincts With Zero Romney Votes
"We are just told that we can trust the voting machines and that we can trust whatever results they end up spitting out at us."

24. 11-22-12  Windows 8: The Cloud, Big Brother, And the Eye-of-Horus; The World Is Ready, Says Microsoft
“What we've done is actually re-imagined Windows and we've re-imagined essentially the whole PC industry..."

25.  12-13-12  Engineered 'Economic Crisis' Works - EU Agrees To Single Financial Supervisor; And Bible Prophecy
BRUSSELS — E.U. leaders gathering here Thursday for their year-end summit meeting hailed an agreement to place euro zone banks under a single supervisor...It does not get any bigger than this. For the European nations to surrender financial control of their countries to an inter-national body is literally 'world-changing'. Those countries effectively cease to exist as nations at that exact moment...The Book of Daniel predicts exactly what is happening globally today..."

As Evil Reigns In The End-Of-This-Age, What Should Believers Do? Keep Pressing Toward The Mark - Spurgeon

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