Revolution In The Air? "Operation Homeland Liberty" Forms to Fight NDAA; Launches 1-15-13

This post is a follow up on: Ron Paul Says "Prepare For Revolutionary Changes In Not-To-Distant-Future" 1-14-10 "The status quo cannot be maintained, considering the current conditions. Violence and lost liberty will result without some revolutionary thinking...we ought to prepare ourselves for revolutionary changes in the not-too-distant future." [see post; video]
Operation Homeland Liberty Kicks Off January 15, 2013 to Stop NDAA's Indefinite Detention

On January 3, 2013, People Against the NDAA (PANDA) launched Operation Homeland Liberty. The goal of this operation is to stop the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) in all 50 states across America by December 31st, 2013.

This effort is being launched for two main reasons. Firstly, we now have the network and resources necessary to push back against this encroachment by the Federal government. The Tenth Amendment Center, Patriot Coalition, Freedom Outpost, Western Journalism, and We Are 1776, among others, are assisting us in restoring the Constitution nationwide.

Because we are running against this clock and now have the network to combat this tyrannical law, we launched Operation Homeland Liberty. We are kicking off this operation in Wood County, OH on January 15th, 2013 @9:15 am in the Wood County Courthouse [link]

It was three years ago now that Texas representative and NWO insider Ron Paul stood in the U.S. Congress and predicted "revolutionary changes in the not-too-distant future" for America [see 'follow up' above]. About a week later Paul elaborated on that prediction and suggested the possibility of "blood running in the streets":

Ron Paul Ups 'Revolution Rhetoric': Predicts Dollar Crash, Chaos, Possible Blood Running In Streets 1-22-10 "We are rapidly moving toward a dangerous time in our history. Society as we know it is vulnerable to political and social chaos....Dangerous times indeed! ...What can be done about it? Must we wait for the inevitable and expect to restore our liberties in a street fight against the overwhelming power of the state? Not a good option! ...“The only way that we can prevent blood from running in the streets is to offer a better idea of the proper role of government in a society that desires, first and foremost, liberty.”

Others were carrying the revolution banner as well. For instance:

Tea Partier Sarah Palin Singing NWO 'Revolution Song' Now Too 2-7-10
House Rep. Michele Bachmann Parroting NWO "Insurrection" Theme 12-4-10

Apparently they all knew what they were talking about because in the 'not too distant future' the 'Occupy' movement began [9-17-11] and sure enough, as it ran it's course, there were numerous reported instances of violent clashes between protesters and police, just as Paul had 'foretold'. As it turned out, the protest movement actually began to take on the appearance of being nothing more than an opportunity to hold a coming-out party for the iron-fisted police state [e.g. here].

While 'occupy' seems to have quieted down, the 'revolution' theme has not changed. There is a new group forming now, "Operation Homeland Liberty", with the proclaimed mission to fight the NDAA. They have the network, the resources, and the help of at least least five other groups, they say [see article above], and their first offensive will be this week - Jan 15, 2013. And, they already have plans to take the movement to all fifty states and 'wage battle' until the end of the year. Their language is 'revolutionary'.

There is also now the very real possibility that 2nd Amendment 'right-to-bear-arms' movements will start popping-up in resistance to the "gun control" issues which have 'suddenly' arisen as of late. And, if that is not enough, religious groups nationwide have been forming for the past couple of years or so too. As they believe that their religious liberties are being stripped away, they have been brought to the point where they feel that their backs are against the wall, and as a result are ready to come out fighting as well:

One World Religion: Pope Calls For Interfaith Groups To Oppose Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage 12-23-12 "The battle lines are now effectively drawn on two fronts, homosexual pseudo-marriage, and the HHS mandate. The foundations of society are at stake says the pope, and with that this then becomes a fight to the finish. There truly is no way out other than the promised resistance, which has been in the planning stages for a couple of years now. With the political circus-slash-election now past, the religious-protest part of the global agenda, already well primed, will now be brought to the forefront. It will not be long before things start heating up. Civil disobedience, arrests, chaos, all on tap [example]. Interfaith religious organizations forming to meet the 'crisis', once formed, will never be 'unformed'. The scheme is intentional, designed to accomplish the very thing"

Revolution leads to civil unrest, which leads to martial law, which leads to the final assimilation of the USA into the kabalist kingdom-come of the global dictatorial government. From the looks of things, that is the plan from this point forward. It's all about the ordo-ab-chao and the phoenix rising from the ashes. That is the only way they can make it happen. Be aware, they have no plan 'b'.   Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 18:10 'The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe'  [cf. Phil. 2:9-10]

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