Agenda 21 Update: NWO Says Detroit On Verge Of Bankruptcy; "Emergency Manager" May Be Appointed

This post is a follow up on: "Agenda 21 USA Update: Dissolving Detroit" Put On The Table 11-29-12 "Fake financial insolvency...move in and take over. Just like Italy, just like Greece...This ruling effectively dissolves the city [Harrisburg, PA] as it gives control over it to the state - which has actually already assigned a "receiver". The governor signed a bill on 11-20-11 appointing a private party to the position. This puts full control of the city into private hands. Note that the Mayor's spokesman says that they want to "bring the elements of government together". Although few will understand the significance of that Agenda 21- doublespeak, it very clearly signals the intent to transition everything into the globalized model of 'public-private partnerships'...with the emphasis on 'private'. It is through this system that the kabalist-globalists, the 'private partners', intend to micromanage the entire earth... Detroit Michigan [is] being run through the same exercise. [see post]
Detroit Edges Closer to Bankruptcy

"...the city's budget problems have deepened to such an extent that it could run out of cash in a matter of weeks or months and ultimately be forced into what would be the largest-ever Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy filing in the United States.

Frustrated by the lack of concrete progress, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican, last month appointed a team to scour the city's books. The audit could result in a state takeover of Detroit's finances through the appointment of an emergency financial manager. Such a manager, who would seize control of the city's checkbook, could then propose federal bankruptcy court as the best option.

Snyder, who has called the situation "a crisis in terms of financial affairs," said the team would deliver its report in February.

"Detroit is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy after the City Council has failed to make the necessary cuts to deal with having a smaller population," said Rick Jones, chairman of the Republican majority caucus in the state Senate.

Jones, who has indicated he does not favor a bankruptcy, said he would like to see an emergency manager installed to fix the city's problems. If that failed, there would be a case for finding a way to shrink the Detroit municipal area, he argued.

Appointed "emergency managers" work for the global cabal. They dissolve, privatize, then globalize. All that is needed is the apparent justification to appoint one - like a 'financial crisis' threatening 'bankruptcy' needing to be 'managed', exactly what is being seen in Detroit. The merge of America into the biblically foretold antichrist one world government - aka Agenda 21 - this is how it is being done. In other words, you are seeing bible prophecy, believe it or not. Detroit going down will be a major step. Stay tuned, the 'crisis report' is due in February, according to the article, and as that is only two days away, the news could come at any time. Rev. 18:4
compare: Globalist Agenda 21 "White House Council On Strong Cities, Strong Communities" Created By EO 3-15-12 3-22-12
2Peter 1:19 'We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts'

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