Full-Tilt Big Brother: NYPD To Test Body Scanners On Public Streets

NYPD Radiation Scanners Identify Concealed Guns From Afar

The NYPD has unveiled a new "weapon" in its arsenal to fight illegal guns: a radiation scanner that can spot concealed guns from a distance — no need for controversial stop-and-frisks.

NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly announced Wednesday that the police will soon deploy and test the portable radiation scanner on the streets, as reported by the New York Daily News. The high-tech machine reads terahertz radiation, the energy naturally emitted by people and objects, from a distance, allowing police officers to see through people's clothes and potentially spot guns.

"If something is obstructing the flow of that radiation, for example a weapon, the device will highlight that object," Kelly said.

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What shall be the end of these things? Zionism And The End Of The Church Age - A.C. Gaebelein; 1933  [Bible prophecy]

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