NWO Devouring Africa: Africom To Intervene In Mali; Hold "Military Exercises" In 35 Countries - And Bible Prophecy

Update on: Non-Integrating Africa In the NWO Crosshairs: US Africom Attacks Somalia 3-14-10 "...the New York Times leaked U.S. military plans for the current offensive in Somalia on March 5 in a report titled “U.S. Aiding Somalia in Its Plan to Retake Its Capital - After the capital, the entire country. After Somalia, the region...The war has just begun"
The U.S. Military Swarms Over Africa globalesearch.ca

On Christmas Eve, the Pentagon announced that 3,500 soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division’s 2nd Brigade, in Fort Riley, Kansas, will be sent to Africa, supposedly to confront a threat from al-Qaida in Mali, where Islamists have seized the northern part of the country. But the 2nd Brigade is scheduled to hold more than 100 military exercises in 35 countries [9], most of which have no al-Qaida presence. So, although there is no doubt that the U.S. will be deeply involved in the impending military operation in Mali, the 2nd Brigade’s deployment is a much larger assignment, aimed at making all of Africa a theater of U.S. military operations. The situation in Mali is simply a convenient, after-the-fact rationale for a long-planned expansion of the U.S. military footprint in Africa.

The Pentagon’s larger purpose in placing an army brigade on roving duty all across the continent is to acclimate African commanders to hosting a permanent, large scale U.S. presence. This is a very different kind of invasion – more like an infiltration-in-force. The Pentagon’s strategy is designed to reinforce relationships that the U.S. Africa Command has been cultivating with African militaries since the establishment of AFRICOM [10] during George Bush’s last year in office. As an infiltrating force, AFRICOM has been a phenomenal success.

re: "100 military exercises in 35 countries"

Thomas Barnett, former "Assistant for Strategic Futures" in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and author of the well known 2004 book "The Pentagon's New Map": "it is always possible to fall off this bandwagon called globalization. And when you do, bloodshed will follow." [link]

The global integration of 'non-integrating' Africa, as seen, is now set to go deep deep deep. Military exercises in 35 countries means military control in 35 countries. Much of Africa is already in various stages of NWO-integration [here], but total conquest is the only goal. A few African countries (e.g. Mali) still require "regime change", which will bring a 'direct intervention', but not all. Some will need only a 'kinder gentler' approach, like "military exercises". And this is exactly what is about to happen - in both cases. The reality is that all Africa must ultimately be Agenda 21 'communitarianized' just like the rest of the globe, according to the plan, and then placed into it's position as part of the global regional-management system of the Zionist kingdom come. As the military provides the advance guard, the corporate 'communitarian' trainers will follow in their wake and set up shop [see: Iraq, Haiti], and the continent of Africa will soon be that much further on the way to becoming completely NWO owned and operated. Africa will never be the same again. The world will never be the same again:

Ghadaffi Gone, NWO Claims Beginning Of "New Libya" 10-20-11 "Gadhafi out represents a so-called paradigm shift for Libyans. Paradigm shift means everything you are used to changes all at once. Nothing is the same anymore. That is the situation in Libya as of today. Anything and everything can now be moved, changed, altered. This is necessary so that all the little A21 global communitarians can now rush in and start organizing communities and shift everything to 'public-private partnerships' and begin to 'Occupy Libya'".

Bypassing Congress, Obama Sends U.S. Troops To 4 African Nations By 'Declaration' 10-15-11 ""National security interests" and extraordinarily violent circumstances are claimed as the "justification"...That explanation might be more accurately described though as a 'pretext' for congressionally unauthorized military intervention in four more sovereign nations; in this case for further integration of the African continent into the so-called NWO. This African-integration agenda has been ongoing for some time now"

Egypt: Mubarak Steps Out, Agenda 21 Steps In 2-11-11 "It will now be officially Agenda 21-globalized just like all the rest of the world. It will still require a lot of work of course to complete the transition, but that is all details. The deed is done"

"Africom" Is Born 4-12-08 "11 April 2008 - The U.S. Government is to begin military ties with 53 African nations come September 2008, when the newly established U.S Africa Command (Africom), becomes an independent unified command"

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The NWO-global integration of Africa is bible prophecy. Just as the EU is being converted into a 'single entity', so is the plan for Africa; as well every other 'region' of the planet. The "fourth beast" is devouring the whole earth [Daniel 7:23]. The Word of God is true. You are seeing it. Be aware. Know the Word of God. Believing it is good too.  Rev. 18:4

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