French To Censor Twitter For 'Hate Speech'; Demand Twitter's Compliance

Twitter must respect the values of the Republic

By Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister of women's rights, Government spokesman

(auto translated from French to English; excerpted)

A few days ago the Twitter network was the form via the hashtag "#SiMonFilsEstGay" of a surge of remarks of rare violence against homosexuals. Hundreds of messages of this nature have caused a strong stir in France, among the persons so unfairly and publicly insulted, among the policyclass, but also among the citizens and. These acts are not isolated. Two months ago, these are xenophobic and anti-Semitic which spread across your network in the hashtags "#unbonjuif" and "#unjuifmort". Sunday, December 23, others are delivered to rantings of a scary racism on the hashtag "#SiMaFilleRamèneUnNoir".

In all three cases, the comments on the Twitter network call the condemnation on the part of our Government. They are morally condemnable and legally illegal under our legislation. It is the honour of France that have gradually entered into the penal code the Suppression of provocation to hatred or violence against a person or group of persons because of their origin, their belonging or their membership in an ethnic group, a nation, or of their orientation or gender identity. These acts or remarks are therefore repressed by law and virtual channel they have borrowed does not less punishable those who commit and that the courts could know.

This work will commit January 7, 2013. I hope in particular that the Twitter company can review the conditions of implementation of devices contributing to the fight against offences of provocations or insults as referred to above and that may prevent the commission of such crimes, or at least alert the administrators of the network according to the principles of the law of June 21, 2004.

Before even this work is launched, it should already be possible to Act to Remove manifestly impermissible tweets and, at least in making access impossible, so that the damage already caused to the place of homosexuals do not persist, or cause disorders additional young people attracted by the publicity given to this unhappy history.

"The facts -
On 22 December, Twitter has been the scene of a surge of hatred against homosexuals. For some time, this social network is broadcast on its platform of the remarks anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic...However, Twitter is considered as a host and not a content editor. This network is American, and its French subsidiary may decide not to submit to the French right. But if the contents are subject to U.S. law, users in France are on the other hand accounting before the French law."

The French will censor Twitter. Another precedent is set in the effort toward the global muzzling of the proletariat. The bottom line is evident. Censorship is now beginning on a large scale across the board [compare links below]. Although the above translation of the statement made by the French government's Minister of women's rights is a little rough, the message is loud and clear. They have identified at least three categories that will now be subject to not only censorship, but evidently to criminal prosecution also, as the wording in the statement describes the government-determined offensive remarks as a "commission of...crimes". Apparently, unapproved comments about homosexuality, "scary racism", or so-called anti-semitic remarks may now render the French citizen guilty of the crime of "hate speech", potentially punishable by the courts.

To address this situation, the French government is moving to full censorship of the Twitter site, and is demanding Twitter's compliance, in essence to either "implement devices" to somehow prevent "such crimes", or at the least, to flag offenders and report them. Orwell would be proud. The program to implement this censoring system begins Monday January 7.

compare: "First In Nation" North Carolina Law Criminalizing Online Student Speech Begins 12-1-12 "What in the past has been a general eroding of the right to free speech has now officially become a full frontal Big Brother assault. As mentioned above this is a first, and as is the case with all 'firsts', the precedent has been set.

also : Free Speech Takes Huge Hit In The EU: Brussels Outlaws "Insults" 9-8-12 “Any form of insult is from now on punishable, whether it be racist, homophobic or otherwise...”
Gospel of John chapter 9 verse 4 reads (in part): "the night cometh, when no man can work" - and the reality is, as the kablist nwo-ers have been repeatedly cryptically declaring to the world now for the last five months or so, since Aurora that is...the 'dark-knight is rising'

Be aware, it is now getting darker by the minute.
Rev. 18:4

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