Greek Government To Greatly Limit Cash Use - Force Electronic Transactions

Greece: Cash transactions ceiling is set to drop to 500 euros

Any transaction in excess of 500 euros [$663] will soon only be allowed via credit or debit card or by check, according to a plan by the Finance Ministry aimed at combating tax evasion. The ceiling for cash transactions is to be lowered from 1,500 euros today to 500 euros and could be reduced further over in the course of 2013...

“The changes we are planning for 2013 include incentives to encourage citizens to use means of electronic payment in order to attain greater transparency in transactions and to combat tax evasion that is facilitated by the use of cash.

We will have to review this limit and generally we must see how we can make it easier for Greeks to change their years-long habit of paying for goods and services in cash and instead use other means of payment. This is a problematic situation in our country that has to change, albeit without upsetting social cohesion,” the deputy minister added.

Old world Greece "has to change" with regard to how they do business, says the Greek government, so notice has been given that the allowable limit for cash transactions is about to be greatly reduced. The Greek government is coming right out and admitting the truth about it too - they want "greater transparency in transactions". Big Brother control is the reality of what that means. Comparing this with other developments from just the past few months [see below], it is readily apparent that phasing out cash has now become a full-fledged global movement:

Cashless Canada: Currency Printing Operation Stops; Mint Chip" Being Rolled Out 1-3-13 " today's digital economy is changing faster than ever...currency has to change too - MintChip is currency in a digital form...you load 'value' onto a smart phone...computer...or cloud, now you're ready to go"

France To Pilot-Test World's First Totally Biometric Payment System 10-29-12 "Today Natural Security, in partnership with Banque Accord, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, Groupe Auchan, Ingenico and Leroy Merlin, has launched a pilot deployment of a new payment method that combines a smart payment card, biometrics and mid-range contactless communication"

'First Sale Doctrine' Update: Louisiana Outlaws Cash Purchase of Second Hand Goods 10-22-12 "A new law passed in Louisiana has made it illegal for consumers to pay for second-hand goods with cash...Payment shall be made in the form of check, electronic transfers, or money order issued to the seller of the junk or used or secondhand property.”

Google, Walmart, Etc. Pushing Cashless Mobile-Payment Systems; And Isis 9-1-12 "...the NWO "smart-phone'' mobile-payment system, which is designed to eventually eliminate cash, is moving forward in leaps and bounds...It is not hard to understand that when virtual-money replaces real cash-in-hand that personal autonomy i.e. freedom is something that would no longer exist. Absolutely every single transaction would be monitored resulting in zero privacy and loss of financial control. Each and every individual will be at the mercy of the 'cloud-managers' of the digital netherworld.

This international cashless movement is obviously intended to become a global system at the end, and in that will be used to dominate all mankind. It is coming to pass, believe it or not, exactly as foretold in the inerrant Word of God: that Satan incarnate, the very Antichrist, may force the human race to submit to his will in part through financial pressure; who will at that time make claim to be 'god' [2Thes. 2:4]; and will find many to take his part [Rev. 13:8]; who then willingly swear allegiance to him and receive the 'mark of the beast' [666]. Do not be one of 'them' [Rom. 10:13]. Be aware of how this is becoming a reality, and the implications of it. Not all are, many if not most are still clueless. Do not let the 'beast' distract you, whosoever, from the real issues of eternal life and coming judgment with his trinkets and shiny baubles - with the worthless wares of vanity fair, all is passing away. [1John 2:17]

A global cashless control system is definitely a sign of the lateness of the hour. If the Lord Jesus Christ comes tonight for his bride, speaking to those who name the name of Christ, will you be found watching and waiting? [here]

Rev. 18:4
Christian, Can You Feel At Home In This World Anymore?  [hymn]

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