NYPD, Microsoft Launch "Next Century" Surveillance System In NY; Coming To Your City Next

NYPD Unveils Crime- And Terror-Fighting ‘Domain Awareness System’
Mayor: State-Of-The-Art Venture With Microsoft Puts Police 'In The Next Century'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –It melds cameras, computers and data bases capable of nabbing bad guys before they even know they’re under suspicion. If a suspicious package is left at a location by a terrorist the NYPD will now be able to instantly tap into video feeds to look back in time to see who left it there, and that’s just one of the many things the NYPD’s new high-tech “Domain Awareness System” can do.

The new crime-fighting apparatus was built by the NYPD and Microsoft, developed by police officers for police officers. Officials said it represents a sea change for the NYPD...The system uses 3,000 cameras..It links up to license plate readers, 911 calls and other NYPD data records...Because the system was co-developed by the city the NYPD will get 30 percent of the revenue that comes from selling it to other localities.

[:20] more cameras reportedly planned...along with several hundred license plate readers mounted on police cars and stationed on bridges, tunnels, and streets...[1:02] when the technology is sold to police forces around the country.

Cameras, computers, and data bases will be 'melded' making real-time full-scale Big Brother surveillance an absolute reality of life in New York City. Merely driving a personal vehicle will put you on the radar screen, literally, as multi-location license plate readers will track, record, and then chart your every move. Think that facial recognition technology will not be used...even though Microsoft/NYPD are reportedly claiming that they will not? If not right away no doubt it won't be long before they come up with some reason why they need to start it. Facial recognition can identify all the faces in a crowd and track the movements of each individual; anywhere that face shows up the computer will log it and chart it. Just walking down the sidewalk will log you in to the system. Throw in a few drones constantly monitoring everything from above and there you have it - absolute loss of freedom. After NY...police forces around the country, i.e. wherever you live...then...all the world. All the world is the only goal. Absolute rule of the planet by Satanically-covenanted Zionists [Isaiah 28:15], and the push is on like nothing ever seen. 'Come out of her my people' Rev. 18:4
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NWO Update: Total Surveillance In New Amerika - License Plate Tracking Spreading 5-8-12 "From Tennessee to the District of Columbia, police are using mobile and stationary surveillance cameras to collect and store license plates of residents who have committed no crime—so that they can be found if they ever do"

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