8-20-12 Newsweek Tells Obama "Hit The Road"; And Romney 1-16-12 'One-Eye' TIME Cover

8-20-12 Newsweek: "Hit The Road, Barack" ???

Bad Cop - Good Cop?

The political shell game disguised as a presidential election continues, this time though with a very surprising twist, as seen with the latest Newsweek cover, dated 8-20-12.

Hit the road Barack? Nothing like this has ever been seen or heard before - it's always been nothing but Obama-worship. This is really coming out of the blue it would seem...or...maybe not. If this little "Hit The Road, Barack" plot twist is a signal that the NWO puppeteers have planned to switchout their front man, then the Romney TIME magazine cover from 1-16-12, shown above [as well the 12-12-11 issue; see below], reveals clearly that all is going exactly according to "The Plan"; see: TIME Magazine 1-16-12 Romney Flashes 'Other' Illuminati Eye

and: 12-12-11 TIME Magazine: Romney Flashes Illuminati Eye
"Christian, know ye not that this world is still the devil's domain [Luke 4:4-5, 6-7] and that the entire political sphere worldwide is nothing more than a shell game used by the self-proclaimed 'illumined ones' to manipulate all things to achieve their one and only goal of setting the Luciferian all-seeing-eye capstone down on the metaphorical pyramid, signifying the completion of the 'novus ordo seclorum', which
goal they refer to as the "Great Work" or "The Plan". [see post]

In the global political arena everything goes according to the plan. When one servant has fulfilled his purpose, another will be brought in for the next phase. Is this about to happen here? If so it would be a classic case of "good cop bad cop". Under Obama everything is wrecked, then 'illuminati-eye' Romney rides in and says "So you like me now?" (meaning 'anything would be better than that, right?') and the NWO moves forward without missing a beat. Everything perfectly under control.

A major component of the global agenda is what might be termed 'religious synchronicity'. The world's religions must be merged into a manageable unity so as to be fitted into the global management system. Enter Romney playing the 'Mormon card'. If this is where this is going, Romney would then be able to tag-team with professed-Mormon Glenn Beck who is already leading the charge in this antichrist 'religion-blending' effort. [see: Catholics, Jews, 'Christians', And 'Mormon' Glenn Beck - "Under God Indivisble" 7-27-12 ]

The 'old-order' America has been virtually turned upside down over the last four years. With that accomplished, the only thing that can be done now is to push the envelope on the 'new order'. And that is exactly what is happening. A reordered USA according to 666 global specs. Whether or not at this point that involves a Romney switch remains to be seen. Either way though, it's an 'eye' thing. stay tuned Rev. 18:4

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