The Other London 2012 Logo Is A Cryptic 'Zion' Too

Follow up on: London 2012 'Zion' Olympics; And Bible Prophecy 7-26-12 "The Zion Olympics are here. Is Zion here too? ...Most by now are aware of the tricky logo and the all-seeing 'eye of Horus' mascots, but it is worth taking another look as the 'Zion' Olympics are now here and these 'symbols' are about to become the center of attention for the entire world..." [see post]
The cryptic 'Zion' message in this Olympic logo is well known at this point having been exposed years ago by numerous sources:

But even more obvious than that is this other London 2012 logo that is seen in the backdrop of scene after scene of Olympic competiton, as well as being printed on athletic equipment, etc., it is virtually anywhere one looks while watching the London Olympics. And it really does not take much imagination to look at this logo, with it's block letter font which removes the curves from the number two - which allows the mind to easily see a 'Z' and an 'N' rather than a '2'; and to see in it, as is without any shuffling even, another cryptic design presenting before the world the word 'Zion':

Although shuffling really is not necessary to see the cryptic message "hidden in plain sight", this is what it looks like decoded, just for the sake of doing it:

The logo is everywhere in all sizes small to huge, and is shown from every conceivable angle. It is subliminally stamping the word 'Zion' on the subconcious minds of the people of the world - or so it would seem that that is the intent. Viewed upside down it truly is hard to miss:

Do not be subliminally 'zion-ized'. Rev. 18:4
Amos 6:1 'Woe to them that are at ease in Zion, and trust in the mountain of Samaria, which are named chief of the nations, to whom the house of Israel came!'

see also: Zionism and 'the kingdom'

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