Acclimating America To Martial Law: Massive Multi-State Military Exercise Underway - Vibrant Response 13

Follow up on: Militarizing Police: Congressmen Vow To Scrap Posse Comitatus 8-3-12 "Posse Comitatus is still in the way, today...but they intend to "fix that". Militarizing the police in the USA. Can't have global dictatorship without it."
‘Vibrant Response 13′ – frightens many with military maneuvers

Announced on or about July 25, 2012 an estimated 25 military and urban defense center locations around the country began air and ground exercises for operations as part of a Joint Task Force Civil Support mission in coordination with the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

These announcements to the public were intermittent with respect to what the media received in the form of press releases, and if the media reported it at all. This caused some alarm in many locations when events unfolded.

It was been reported that residents in many areas across the country were in various levels of fear seeing and hearing military operations in their neighborhoods.

From Joint Task Force Civil Support: CAMP ATTERBURY, Ind. – More than 9,000 service members and civilians from across the United States came to Indiana and northern Kentucky to participate in 200 separate training events at 50 different places during Vibrant Response 13.

The 19-day major incident response exercise brings together local, state and federal agencies, including Department of Defense resources; it is conducted by U.S. Northern Command and led by U.S. Army North. The exercise lasts from July 26 through August 13.
Alabama National Guard to make history

[7-12-12] MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Alabama National Guard members will make history next month. Members of the Alabama National Guard will travel by convoy August 5 and 6 to participate in a major field training exercise - Vibrant Response 13. The convoy is the largest domestic convoy in Alabama National Guard history with approximately 500 vehicles and 1,500 Alabama Guardsmen traveling through Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana on its way to Camp Atterbury, Ind.. Guardsmen throughout Alabama are already conducting preventive maintenance checks and serves on equipment and hundreds of vehicles to ensure a smooth ride during the more than 500 mile trip.

Vibrant Response is a joint exercise with more than 9,000 Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Department of Defense Civilians. The training event is intended to exercise the ability to deploy, employ and sustain specialized military response forces upon the request of civilian authorities to save lives and relieve human suffering following a catastrophic CBRN incident.
re: "NorthCom...US Army North...largest domestic convoy in...history"

How else can this "19-day major incident response exercise" conducted by NorthCom and led by US Army North be seen other than as serving to notify Americans of the NWO's intention to eliminate "Posse Comitatus" and it's prohibitions against military involvement in domestic affairs? And how can the elimination of Posse Comitatus be seen as anything other than a major move toward implementing military rule over the USA, i.e. martial law? And how can the tremendous visible military presence being displayed here be seen as anything other than serving to acclimate Americans to these pending changes to life in the good 'ol USA? Answer: They can not be seen in any other way. This massive open display leaves no room for any other interpretation.

Virtually without any advance notice to citizens in the local areas, and much to their consternation, 200 separate training exercises at 50 different locations in two states, as we now learn, have been underway since July 26, and are to continue through August 13. Military units are practicing "the ability to deploy...and sustain...response forces". With this training the military will be ready if "civilian authorities" were ever for some reason to request their 'services'...is the official explanation. To give an even more ominous impression to the whole event apparently, the Alabama National Guard on August 5-6 conducted the largest ever "domestic convoy" - sending 500 vehicles and 1500 guardsman on a 500 mile trek through four states, no doubt causing quite a stir as they rumbled down the highways throughout the four states. This, all of the above, is called "acclimation".

Military rule and totalitarian global government go hand in hand. It cannot be any other way. The conversion of the USA is in the final stages. Be aware. Rev. 18:4
see all: martial law
Believer: Rev. 3:11 'Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown'

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