And Now..."Biosurveillance" - First Ever "National Strategy" Released 7-31-12

White House Issues First-Ever Biosurveillance Strategy

White House — Working to better protect the publicdomestically and internationally — from biological threats affecting human, animal or plant health, the Obama administration released its National Strategy for Biosurveillance July 31.

While the nation has been on alert for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats since the 2001 terrorist attacks, this strategy aims to extend that surveillance to include emerging infectious diseases, possible pandemics, agricultural threats and food-borne illnesses. A summary of the strategy released by the White House says the plan will “enhance all-hazards incident management … whether an incident is deliberate, accidental or naturally occurring.”

The strategy was released with a statement from President Obama. The strategy’s “goal is to provide the critical information and ongoing situational awareness that enables better decisionmaking at all levels,” he said.

The new surveillance strategy aims to “enhance the nation’s ability to detect, track, investigate, and navigate incidents” affecting health, the document says, to better protect the safety and well-being of the nation.

The strategy document proposes a number of steps to strengthen biosurveillance — for example, the inclusion of social media in public awareness campaigns as a way to empower communities with early warnings of threats locally or globally.

The identification of new scientific and technological methods for improving biosurveillance activities is also proposed, suggesting a means of “forecasting likely CBRN incidents, food-borne illness, environmental disasters and outbreak trajectories in the absence of definitive data.” By following trails laid in economic and weather forecasting, the strategy says, “there are innovative ways to combine information and known facts to project what is likely to transpire.”

An implementation plan for a better-integrated biosurveillance strategy will be developed over the next few months.

re: "to better protect the public...new surveillance"

This thing is absolutely loaded. Essentially it puts in place another layer of Agenda 21 totalitarian control over another sector of society, predicated in this instance on the 'need' to be prepared for any conceivable concern "affecting health". To make that a reality will involve not only national but global "surveillance" of entire industries, which is exactly what this first ever "National Biosurveillance Strategy" will put in place.

Detecting, tracking, investigating, and navigating in order to facilitate "all-hazards management" will obviously require tremendous powers of oversight over a vast number of industries be taken, from military to law enforcement to science to medical to agriculture to food production to shipping to you name it - the global cabalists will have their hands in, and their eyes on absolutely everything.

This is being called "biosurveillance". It may even be setup to where you could get a 'tweet' if they 'get wind' of something coming your way - like a "food-borne illness" or a potential "environmental disaster" or maybe if you are 'forecast' to be in the path of an "outbreak trajectory". Yes absolutely everything must be surveilled so as to even have the ability to 'forecast' the next salmonella outbreak, for instance. Anything like that would no doubt involve some hands on intervention for all involved at every level, i.e some tracking, detecting, and investigating. Can you say total control?

All this Big Brother capability will require a massive network to be built, and that is exactly what is being done. Agenda 21 is an interconnected "network of networks". Interconnected is the key word. Interconnecting industries via networks allows control over all of them through a single system. Once each network is functioning it can then be wired into the overall global management system - the so-called 'network' of networks. Basically it is as simple to understand as the concept of a huge corporation run by departments, all fulfilling separate functions and all reporting to the top. That is Agenda 21, that is how Agenda 21 is to work. Agenda 21 is micromanagement of the earth. Nothing will be overlooked. "Biosurveillance" is now the means to create another vast network, or 'department', to establish this micromanagement ability. The details will come out in the next few months.

Do not doubt it for even a second. An absolute dictatorship is being constructed across the planet. Every detail has been planned and is now being set in place. Can you say micromanaged? The tentacles of this 666 evil empire will reach into every aspect of life on the planet and completely strangle any and all freedom on the earth. It is happening before your eyes. Understand what you are seeing. It is bible prophecy too, believe it or not. Rev. 18:4
compare: Agenda 21 "White House Council On Strong Cities, Strong Communities" Created By EO 3-15-12
On the bible prophecy see: The next thing - ten kings shall arise Dan. 7:24

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