Martial Law Update: Minor Hurricane Isaac Gets Major NWO Response

Hurricane Isaac brings thousands of National Guard troops to the region

From Belle Chasse to Zephyr Field in Metairie, and from Chalmette to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, National Guard soldiers and airmen are fanned out across the region, preparing for search-and-rescue missions, gearing up to clear streets of debris and assisting local law enforcement agencies. In Hammond, National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters are housed in storm-proof hangars, their crews waiting for winds to die down.

They're also showing a daunting presence. At the Morial Convention Center, soldiers with assault rifles milled about besides their armored Humvees. At the St. Bernard Parish line on St. Claude Avenue, two airmen armed with an M-4 rifle and a shotgun stood watch with Sheriff's Office deputies.

The Louisiana National Guard had mobilized 4,158 troops as of Tuesday morning, a slight increase over the day before, and the state has asked the Defense Department to pay for up to 8,000 troops for 180 days, Gov. Bobby Jindal's office said Tuesday.

Another 35,000 troops and almost 100 aircraft are available for mobilization to the Gulf Coast states if needed, the National Guard Bureau reported.

Jindal said during a Tuesday morning press conference that the Louisiana National Guard has posted 23 liaison teams with local governments; 13 communications teams are in the region, along with 921 security vehicles, 531 high-water vehicles, 40 aircraft and 74 boats.

re: 'assisting local law enforcement'

Rather than "assisting", blurring the lines between military and local law enforcment might be a better description of the massive military response described above.

In addition to the immediate response, as seen above the state of Louisiana "has asked the Defense Department to pay for up to 8,000 troops for up to 180 days". For a category one hurricane/storm? Is it possible that there is an underlying agenda perhaps? Perhaps something like desensitizing the public to a military presence on the streets, and to military involvement in their daily affairs over an extended period? As stated in the above article, they have already presented a "daunting presence" with armed soldiers in armored humvees patrolling and armed airmen teaming up with local sheriffs. And apparently the NWO intends for that daunting military presence to continue now for at least the next six months - and who knows if something else were to happen during that time...

This post is a follow up on: Acclimating America To Martial Law: Massive Multi-State Military Exercise Underway - Vibrant Response 13 8-9-12 "How else can this "19-day major incident response exercise" conducted by NorthCom and led by US Army North be seen other than as serving to notify Americans of the NWO's intention to eliminate "Posse Comitatus" and it's prohibitions against military involvement in domestic affairs? ...Military units are practicing "the ability to deploy...and sustain...response forces". With this training the military will be ready if "civilian authorities" were ever for some reason to request their 'services'...is the official explanation.

also: Militarizing Police: Congressmen Vow To Scrap Posse Comitatus 8-3-12 "Posse Comitatus is still in the way, today...but they intend to "fix that". Militarizing the police in the USA. Can't have global dictatorship without it."


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