First Ever Big Brother 'Spy In The Sky' Plane Launched Over CA City Of Lancaster

Lancaster takes to the skies to get a view on crime

The residents of Lancaster probably didn't notice it, but a small Cessna aircraft on Friday flew high above the desert city, capturing hours of video and ushering in a new era in law enforcement surveillance....The plane, equipped with sophisticated video equipment, is set fly a loop above the city for up to 10 hours a day, beaming a live video feed of what's going on below to a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department dispatch center.

It has become common for law enforcement agencies to use aerial surveillance, including streaming video, during breaking crime situations. Some are even beginning to use drones for police work...But Lancaster appears to be the first city where a camera will send video continuously to the ground, to be used as an integral part of daily policing.

Obviously if one city is launching a plane, many more cities can be expected to follow. This first-ever launch of a manned plane sending streaming video to the Big Brother control center on the ground is being touted as a "new era in law enforcement surveillance". It will fit right in with the "New Horizon" and the "Next Century" surveillance programs also recently started up:

"Edge Of A New Horizon" - 106 Govt., 4 Private Entities Cleared To Fly Domestic Drones 7-20-12
NYPD, Microsoft Launch "Next Century" Surveillance System In NY; Your City Is Next 8-10-12

What to take away is the realization that full-scale implementation of the totalitarian Zionist NWO has officially begun. They fully intend to corral the 'cattle' into pens [here]. Be totally aware of this New Totalitarianism. Rev. 18:4

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A Believer said...

Not cheap ! When cities are going bust?
Guess spending the last cent to be in your face has priority.