Video: Driver Refuses Internal Checkpoint; NWO Rising - Amerika 2012

Are you a citizen?

Youtube: Westbound I-8 in Southern California (an East-West highway that NEVER intersects the international border)
Remember VIPR? This checkpoint may or may not have been a VIPR checkpoint, but the NWO is gearing up to make the unannounced 'checkpoint' a regular event in NWO Amerika 2012 and beyond; and VIPR teams are already roaming the highways and checkpointing transportation hubs nationwide, phasing in the police state USA makeover:

"VIPR" was first introduced a little over a year and a half ago: Video: TSA 'Viper Teams' At Tampa Bus Station; And 'One Eye Darkened' Illuminist Signal 11-29-10

and has been spreading since then: TSA 'VIPR' Program Moves Onto Highways in TN; NWO Bureau Of Propaganda Calls It "Brilliant' 10-23-11;

TSA Mission 'Creep': After TN, VIPR Teams Slithering Into Other States 11-8-11
Rev. 13:1 'And I...saw a beast rise up out of the sea'

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