Cisco Takes Control Of Users Personal Routers; Forced
'Cloud Compliance' Has Begun

This post is a follow up on: "A Strategic Direction Shift" - To "The Cloud"? 12-20-11 "Totalitarianism is absolute government control over every facet of society and the lives of each individual. The internet, as it is today, is a major obstacle to achieving totalitarian control..." - Would that strategic direction shift be to take all software out of the users control and "shift" it to the "cloud"? If that were the case, it would give tremendous internet 'gatekeeping' power to those now building their 666 totalitarian global kingdom...Log onto the cloud global slaves, if they will let you. [see post]
Cisco locks customers out of their own routers, only lets them back in if they agree to being spied upon and monetized boingboing.net

Owners of Cisco/Linksys home routers got a nasty shock this week, when their devices automatically downloaded a new operating system, which locked out device owners. After the update, the only way to reconfigure your router was to create an account on Cisco's "cloud" service, signing up to a service agreement that gives Cisco the right to spy on your Internet use and sell its findings, and also gives them the right to disconnect you (and lock you out of your router) whenever they feel like it. [full story at link]

[but there has been an] Update: A Cisco rep comments below, pointing out that Cisco has since changed its privacy policy. However, the current policy reserves the right to change it back.

The current policy also allows Cisco to discontinue your access to your router if you download pornography, or if someone complains about you, without a court order, evidence or a chance to state your case and face your accuser.

[And] They have also provided users with a way to back out of the "cloud management" "feature." But, as noted, Cisco still reserves the right to change how your router works, even if you set it not to accept automatic updates.
Coming to the cloud is not an option....well...maybe it still is...for now at least. But guess what, two steps forward one step back, and we just took control of your router, i.e. internet access.

The NWO, represented in this instance by Cisco, has just set another totalitarian precedent, taking a measure of control out of users hands and giving it to Big Brother. The NWO goal of absolute control of every last digit of the entire world's 'digital data' via "the cloud", has just established a beachhead. And make no mistake, there is no other purpose for the cloud. He who controls the digits, controls those who need those digits to function. Possession, as they say, is 9/10th's of the law.

Definitely take note. The breach has been made. Come to the cloud or get sent home is the clear signal being sent here by the cabal over at 666 central. The push will be unrelenting from here on out. Rev.18:4
Ezk. 30:2-3 'Thus saith the Lord GOD; Howl ye, Woe worth the day! For the day is near, even the day of the LORD is near, a cloudy day'


mom4truth said...

Just wanted to add that about a week ago, Yahoo mail did the very same thing. Unable to access your mailbox, you had to agree to their new terms, which stated the very same things: they reserved the right to spy on your messages and conversations (they say for marketing purposes) and also reserve the right to lock you out if they so choose. Again, they stated they could change the rules at any given point.

tom m. said...


Had not heard that. Sign away any expectation of any privacy or you're gone. It's getting late isn't it.