TSA Now Global? Olympics "Security Black Hole" Creates Opportunity For 'Global TSA'

US agents to secure London Olympics after G4S fiasco

The British government has been forced to draft in US security agents at a number of airports including London’s Heathrow to cover for its fiasco of trusting the private firm G4S with a key part of Olympics security.

The Department of Transport has hammered a deal with the US Transportation Security Authority to use US security officers at several British airports from one week before the Olympics to one week after the Paralympics end, the Sky News reported.

The British Home Office is under huge pressure to fill in the gap created by G4S’s failure to supply 13,700 forces for Olympics security...The Home Office has already asked the army and the police to provide it with more forces for the Olympics security after G4S announced it has only 4,000 staff available for the Games.

However, the security black hole has forced the government to even bring in security staff from the US to secure the Games.
re: "'forced' to draft in US security agents"

Is TSA now a global security force? There is no other way to view it seeing what the NWO Bureau of Propaganda has cooked up here. Classic ordo ab chao. Private firm hired to do security proves at last minute to be completely inept, and so with no other alternative', "forced" as it were, as the saga is being portrayed, the mighty TSA from the USA, disregarding international barriers, is drafted to ride in and save the day just in the nick of time. The result is an NWO dream, something previously non-existent but now suddenly made to exist because of an 'emergency', i.e. the "security black hole" - a brand new 'global TSA'.

Global government, global policing. Can't be any other way. American TSA (and FBI) operating in a foreign country changes everything. Definitely take note. Rev. 18:4
Matt. 25:10 'And...the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut'

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