Colorado Incident Symbology? - Aurora 'Goddess Of The Dawn' And the Rise Of 'The Dark Knight'

Follow up on: Calls For Increased Security Immediately Follow Colorado Tragedy - Expert: "Expect To See Changes" 7-20-12 "Midnight tragedy signaling America's 'midnight hour' and the rise of the dark night of the Luciferian NWO? The NWO never advances without ordo ab chao, and such is the case here - the NWO police state is 'rising', and American's freedoms are vanishing into the 'dark night'."
The Aurora Of The Dark Knight?

This is posted with the intent to be as brief as possible. These are observations. Much has been written in the last two days about what happened at the start of the "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" premier showing in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater at midnight on 7-20-12. More than a few have postulated that the event was staged, noting many oddities relating to the official accounts. A simple search will pull up all sorts of different views. Ultimately what did or did not happen "behind the scenes" is not knowable, so there is no intent here to enter into that arena. Rather than that, the intent here is to simply note a few 'facts' that are knowable about the incident - and that happen to be very curious.

The location is the key to these observations. The midnight event could have happened anywhere. But it happened in Aurora, Colorado. Is that significant? Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn. Even more interesting is the fact that in Roman mythology, according to the source quoted below, "Aurora" is said to be the "mother of Lucifer":

thaliatook.com: "Aurora is the Roman name for the Goddess of the Dawn. Her mythology and attributes are the same as the Greek Eos, and She does not seem to have any specifically Roman mythology. Her name simply means "the dawn, daybreak, or sunrise"... She is said to be the mother of the four winds; though this part of Her legend is Greek, one variant spelling of Her name, Aurura, has the meaning of "breeze or wind". She is considered the mother of the morning star, Lucifer (which means "the Light Bringer"), a name for the planet Venus"

(On a side note here the title "morning star" does not belong to Lucifer but to the Lord Jesus Christ [Rev. 22:16]. Lucifer's correct title is "son of the morning", as found in Isaiah 14:12, a passage that reveals his fall and ultimate demise. There is a difference. Referring to Lucifer as "morning star" is an usurpation. This is just for the record so that there is no confusion on that point.)

Aurora the mother of Lucifer? That speaks volumes. Another source reveals "Aurora" as being the "harbinger of Titan", or, the 'dawn' light which precedes the appearance of the sun:

roman-colosseum.info "Aurora, goddess of the morning, was the youngest daughter of Hyperion and Theia, or, according to some, of Titan and Terra. Orpheus calls her the harbinger of Titan, for she is the personification of that light which precedes the appearance of the sun"

"Titan" is one of many mythological names for the 'Sun god', or as Ovid called him "lumina Titan", i.e. the 'god of light':

Wikipedia: Helios ( /ˈhiːli.ɒs/; Ancient Greek: Ἥλιος "Sun", Latinized as Helius) was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology. Homer often calls him simply Titan... Ovid also calls him Titan, in fact "lumina Titan".

The sun god, aka Horus in Egyptian lore, is also seen as the 'god of light', which is, as is well known, a title commonly used in reference to Lucifer.

So then, the symbolic picture here is not difficult to draw. "Aurora" symbolizes the dawning of a 'new day', the very "harbinger" of that 'new day' actually - the novus ordo seclorum, i.e. the 'new order of the ages', which is to be realized by her birthing of "Titan", or, the 'sun god', aka Lucifer.

Would this not then, in very dark fashion actually, fit perfectly into the scenario that just transpired in Colorado at the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises"? It is all encapsulated...the simple symbology being the 'Aurora' incident as 'the harbinger', or, the sign of the birthing of the "dark knight", i.e. Lucifer, who is now to rise upon the world scene.

Another very interesting consideration is the date of this incident, as pointed out in the source below:

vegapost: "...there seems to be some coincidence that the release date of this movie is on JULY 20, 2012. Specific dates & times are key in the occult that signals a projection of power & influence over its audiences...It so happens that on JULY 20, 2012, cosmologically, Titan, one of Saturn’s Moons leads Saturn out of the ‘Womb’ of Virgo in the Constellations. Saturn, who in the occult is Kronos, or Satan—the Dark LORD or ‘Knight’ in this case is to ‘RISE...Saturn, with 6 of it satellites will be crossing the Virgo threshold of it [sic] ‘womb’ as Titan leads the way on JULY 20, 2012"

Astrology is of course very occultic. How significant is it then, according to the occult astrological source used by the author of the quoted article, that this Aurora incident would occur on the very day that "Titan" would be leading "Saturn out of the womb of Virgo"? Titan bringing about the birth of Saturn would be a symbolic picture of the coming of the "seed of the serpent" [Gen. 3:14,15] - the seed, or 'offspring' (Saturn) of the serpent (Titan) signifying the 'personification' of Satan, or Lucifer, in the form of the "Antichrist". In other words, the significance of what happened in Colorado happening on this day could be seen as intending to signal the nearness of the appearance of the Antichrist on the earth.

As stated at the top of this post, these are 'facts', and they are very curious. Is all this random chance? In the Babylonian occult world of the NWO-builders everything has a secret meaning. If this event was something more than it appears to be on the surface then that would be true here also. So, seeing that there truly are some obvious 'clues', obvious but at the same time profound actually, and floating right on the surface too, the logical thought is that this fits the criteria for a 'hidden in plain sight' kabalistic "as above so below message" - and that it seems intended to indicate that the 'aurora' of the 'novus ordo seclorum' is upon us, the dawning, and that the next thing to come is that the christ-impersonator, the 'knight of darkness' himself [Dan. 8:23], like the rising of the sun after the dawn, is soon to rise on the earth.

Is there somehow more to this story then, or are these 'facts' just a bizarre coincidence?
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Joel 2:31 'The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.'


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is wow! I just hope people realize that Satan uses things like movies and tv shows to capture people. And them uses them to his will.... praying for the family of victims ...

Anonymous said...

Just read the other post (about the baby) and it does make perfect sense when you also think about the Bejing closing ceremonies. in it, we had a whole "conception" thing going. In the bird's nest (where eggs are kept) you had the eggs (bicyclists) who were surrounded by sperm (the guys jumping all around) and then just the "eggs" biked through the lines, only from the upper view, it looked like they were riding down fallopian tubes to the womb. They end on the stage which is dead center where the womb would be. I wondered if there would be a "birth" in this olympics and was not dissapointed.