SCOTUS Bans Broadcasts Of Landmark CA Faux-Homosexual Marriage Trial

Update on: CA Homosexual Faux-Marriage Trial of the Century Update: Opposition Litigant In Fear, Wants Out 1-9-10 "...asked a judge to remove him from the lawsuit because he feared the trial would generate publicity that could endanger him and his family." [see post]
ProtectMarriage.com General Counsel Andy Pungo Issues Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Against Television Prop. 8 Trial
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following statement can be attributed to Andy Pugno, general counsel for ProtectMarriage.com on the stay issued by the United States Supreme Court prohibiting televising the Prop 8 trial:
We are relived [sic] that the United States Supreme Court intervened today to protect our witnesses from the harm that would come with televising the Prop 8 trial. As we have said from the start, televising the proceedings in a high-profile case is unprecedented in federal court, and impedes our ability to get a fair and impartial trial. Most importantly, putting Prop 8 supporters on the witness stand and broadcasting their testimony worldwide would virtually guarantee a serious risk of harm threatened by anti-Prop 8 extremists.
In fact, the Supreme Court decision expressly acknowledged that there is already a track record of Prop 8 supporters being subjected to "harassment as a result of public disclosure of their support," including death threats, confrontational phone calls and e-mail messages, lost jobs, Internet blacklists, boycotts, vandalism and physical violence.
The Supreme Court said it intervened to prevent the televising of the Prop 8 trial because the trial court, with help form the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, had violated federal law by suspending the current rules prohibiting the televising of trial "at the eleventh hour" without going through the proper legal process.
The 'trial of the century' was to have been broadcast worldwide on television and Youtube. It will now proceed without much fanfare after yesterday's [1-13-10] intervening ruling by SCOTUS to ban the prying eyes and ears of millions of interested observers. Aside from the above statement by the defense, which is no doubt true - those Prop 8-ers are a rough bunch - the ban seems to be an advantage to the same-sexers just the same. The possibility of overwhelming negative reaction may have been too great. Regardless of the homosexual-agendites powerful friends in high places who have enabled the issue to be brought to the point where it is today, the truth is that they have yet to gain even one victory at the ballot box anywhere. Why would they want their precious pro-homosexual marriage arguments dissected on a day-to-day and point-by-point basis across the internet by the same juries, the voting majorities, that have already sent them packing everywhere they have been? No, they know full well that the only way they will ever pull off this con job on the human species is to dance with who brung 'em - the political powerbrokers of this corrupt world.
This landmark case will definitely leave a mark on the land. We shall soon see. Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 59:14 And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.

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