CA Homosexual Faux-Marriage Trial of the Century Update: Opposition Litigant In Fear, Wants Out

Follow up on: Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage 'Trial of the Century' Set To Begin In CA Next Week 1-7-10 "The case marks the first federal trial to examine if the U.S. Constitution permits bans on gay marriages, and the challenge is being bankrolled by a group of liberal Hollywood activists including director Rob Reiner and producer Bruce Cohen." [see post]
California gay marriage opponent fears for his life

SAN FRANCISCO - An outspoken gay marriage opponent serving as an official litigant defending the state's ban on same-sex weddings on Friday asked a judge to remove him from the lawsuit because he feared the trial would generate publicity that could endanger him and his family.

Hak-Shing William Tam was one of five people who formally intervened to defend the state from a federal lawsuit filed against California. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown have declined to mount a defense on behalf of the state.

On Friday, Tam told the court that he was harassed and his property vandalized during the campaign, and feared similar retribution if he continued to represent gay marriage foes' interest in the lawsuit and trial, which is scheduled to start Monday in San Francisco.

"In the past I have received threats on my life, had my property vandalized and am recognized on the streets due to my association with Proposition 8," Tam said in a court filing. "Now that the subject lawsuit is going to trial, I fear I will get more publicity, be more recognizable and that the risk of harm to me and my family will increase."

Tam on Friday didn't mention the judge's decision this week to allow cameras to video record the trial as a factor in his request. Lawyers for Proposition 8 interests asked an appeals court on Friday to halt the planned recording, saying they fear witnesses may restrain or alter their testimony if cameras are present in the courtroom.

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the request late in the day.

re: harassed...vandalized...retribution...harm

The California Supreme Court last year rejected lawsuits attempting to overturn the voter-approved ban, ruling that it was not in violation of the CA State Constitution. With that, the controversy has now, for the very first time, made it to the federal level. Homosexual faux-marriage vs. the Constitution of the United States.
And so, even as the two sides square off, the drama has already begun. Schwarzenegger and Brown are no-shows, and one of their replacements, a private citizen, claiming fear for his and his family's safety, wants to bail. The trial being held in San Francisco, the faux-marriage team looks to have the home field advantage. The trial of the century - starts Monday 1-11-10 - Supreme Court of California. Stay tuned.
Note: There were widespread reports of violence after the 'homosexual faux-marriage' ban was first approved by the majority in CA in late 2008. One typical example was posted here:

Mob Of Homosexual Marriage Supporters Demonstrate Hate Speech 11-11-08 "How bizarre have things gotten in Sodom (the world of today) in 2008? Very, as this video linked below will attest. An elderly, grandmotherly type woman is mobbed and attacked by a group of faux-'homosexual marriage' supporters in California as she attempts to explain her opposing position to a reporter. This is of course in the aftermath of the recent voter rejection of homosexual marriage in California. See update link for details...The cross she had been carrying is ripped from her hands and then stomped on which seems to have incited the mob into a chorus of venomous verbal barrages directed toward the lady...The news anchor at the studio gives this ridiculously biased comment at the close of the report: "There's a lot of anger and a lot of hate, quite honestly, on both sides." [video no longer available]

Minds darkened and consciences seared, men driven by lust one for another, abandoning any sense of rationality, shaking their collective fists at a holy God. It is truly a frightful thing to stop and consider the ramifications of what is about to go down in the history book of mankind. Rev. 18:4

compare: Globalist Politician Schwarzenegger 'Signs' NWO Homosexual Agenda Into Law 10-12-09
As it was in the days of Noah [Matt: 24:37-39]:

'And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.' Genesis 6:12

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