Montana Supreme Court OK's Physician-Assisted Suicide

Montana Becomes 3rd State to OK Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Montana became the third state to allow physician-assisted suicide after its Supreme Court determined Thursday that nothing in the state law prevents patients from seeking it.
While the high court didn't go as far as extending constitutional protections to the procedure as District Judge Dorothy McCarter of Helena did the year before, it did give doctors in the state the freedom to prescribe the necessary drugs to mentally competent, terminally ill patients without fear of being prosecuted.
"In physician aid in dying, the patient, not the physician, commits the final death-causing act by self-administering a lethal dose of medicine," Justice William Leaphart wrote for the court.
Prior to the ruling, only Oregon and Washington state allowed assisted suicides for terminally ill patients, with Oregon adopting the nation's first "death with dignity" law in 1997.
Assisted suicide opponents have promised to take the fight in Montana to the Legislature.
6:26 audio interview on Montana ruling radioamerica.org
re: "Supreme Court determined"

The landmark ruling here is by nature of the fact that is has come through the Supreme Court of the state of Montana. *This is not the case in either Oregon or Washington. Although opponents have vowed to challenge the ruling, another dangerous new door into the dark godless future of this world has definitely been opened in Montana. Rev. 18:4

*For CA, see: Terminator Approves 'Suicide Option' Bill 10-2-08 "The bill, sponsored by Assemblywoman Patty Berg, a Democrat, passed the California Assembly Aug. 28, and the state Senate Aug. 20. It was signed by the governor yesterday." (CA is not mentioned in this article and with that it is unclear as to the current status of this signed piece of legislation in CA. A google search did not turn up anything that would indicate that it had been overturned or is presently being challenged. fyi)

also: 'Euthanasia' Alive and Well in CA? 9-1-08
Psalms 68:20 He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death.

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