NWO Dissolving Arizona? Claim To Be Broke And Forced To Give IOU's To 'Everyone'

Update on: Arizona State Government The First To 'Collapse' In NWO Transition Of U.S. To Global System? 12-24-09 " 'Financial collapse' so as to allow restructuring into the communitarian global management model is how it is being done, not only in every state in this country, but across the globe. Out with the old, and in with the new" [see post]
Arizona could be weeks away from going broke
A massive education payment is expected to drain state resources down to zero.
What happens next will affect anyone who works for or with state government.
Arizona legislators have not been able to resolve the budget crisis, and our state could be weeks away from running out of money.
That means having to issue IOU's to everyone.
And it's not only state workers, but also those who provide services, such as child care centers.
For instance, about 70% of the children at Outer Limits School in Tucson get a state subsidy. Owner Bill Berk said the crisis could be devastating to his industry. "We can't give our employees IOU's for their paychecks. We can't give the electric company an IOU," Berk said.
Representative Williams hopes to be able to work something out with banks so they'll accept the IOU's, but he knows that can't last forever.
He says this is going to take legislators forgetting their differences, and working together to begin a very long process to fix Arizona's budget.
Williams said dramatic and difficult decisions are coming for legislators, voters and taxpayers.
re: 'IOU's to everyone'
Dissolving state governments is a critical component of the NWO agenda to transition the U.S. into the 'global community'. This official 'no money' storyline out of Arizona is a clear indication that the time has come to begin taking the crashing process to the next level. Exactly how far they push the envelope at this point with Arizona will be interesting to see. Stay tuned.
While the average person is still believing that eventually everything will one day get 'back to normal', nothing could be further from the truth. There can be no 'state-governments' in the global kingdom of the coming one world ruler, the Jewish antichrist. Very realistically, before that 'global kingdom' is completed and functioning as such, it is going to get very messy, that is a given. With that, it must be clearly understood that the plan has definitely been set in motion, and that there is no 'off switch'. Nothing will ever go 'back to normal'. Be absolutely aware of what is happening because the same fate...is planned for your state.
see: Rhode Island, Shutting Down State Governments...And Communitarianism 8-25-09 "What is really going on here? The answer is...'going global'" [follow interconnected links, connect dots; much more information]
Rev. 18:4
Before it is all said and done, it will be messy:
Matthew 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

[only way out]

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