Ron Paul Ups 'Revolution Rhetoric': Predicts Dollar Crash, Chaos, Possible Blood Running In Streets

Follow up on: Ron Paul Says "Prepare For Revolutionary Changes In Not-To-Distant-Future" 1-14-10 "Revolution" leads to civil unrest, which leads to martial law, which leads to the absorption of the 'homeland' into the NWO global system. It has to happen for the NWO-ers to succeed. Ron Paul is pushing it." [see post]
[1-21-10] The Texas Representative's latest and certainly most dramatic statements yet:
Ron Paul State of Republic Address [www.house.gov; excerpts]
If our leaders don’t wake up soon, the economy will be brought to its knees. Great danger lies ahead.
We can expect that the course we are on to continue and accelerate, since the first event, the collapse of the financial system, is still in its early stage.
This anger and frustration will certainly grow as the consequences of the collapse of the financial system become more severe.
The next event will be a dollar crisis. A full-blown dollar crisis will be worse than our current financial crisis The extent of a dollar crisis depends on whether or not the Washington politicians wake up and change their ways—a dubious hope.
When the dollar crashes*, most likely the purchasing power of all currencies—since all countries hold dollars as a reserve—will go down as well. If the Fed tries to reverse the run on the dollar, interest rates will also soar, and the pain on the American citizens will be of such proportion that political chaos will result. Either scenario leads to political and social chaos...
With no ability of the federal government to fund its commitments, international or domestic, major changes will occur in our system. The social unrest will elicit cries for government to exert unusual force to head off a complete breakdown of law and order. The ultimate trap will be set for a system of government claiming to protect a free society. If more power and police authority are not given to the federal government, it will be argued that only anarchy will result.
If more government policing power is given, it will mean a lethal threat to civil liberties. Already we have permitted the notion that a single person, the Attorney General or President, can decide who is an “enemy combatant”, thus denying that individual the right to habeus corpus, permitting indefinite detentions without charges made. This attitude toward civil liberties has changed significantly since the fear built around 9/11.
Yes, I know declaring one an “enemy combatant” is reserved for the radical Muslims engaged in terrorism against the United States. To be reassured by this reasoning is quite dangerous and na├»ve. Logic should not lead us to equate suspects with terrorists, and include American citizens, and yet this has already been set by precedent. Under difficult circumstances, our political leaders will not be hesitant to use these powers to maintain order. Tragically, the people may even demand it.
We are rapidly moving toward a dangerous time in our history. Society as we know it is vulnerable to political and social chaos....Dangerous times indeed!
What can be done about it? Must we wait for the inevitable and expect to restore our liberties in a street fight against the overwhelming power of the state? Not a good option!
“The only way that we can prevent blood from running in the streets is to offer a better idea of the proper role of government in a society that desires, first and foremost, liberty.”
If this is understood, a smooth-although not painless-transition to a free society is achievable. Ignoring this option will be very destructive to everything that is dear to the hearts of most Americans. What is it that we must do? We must immediately: [see article for proffered solutions - a list of government reforms that will NEVER happen]
[but] None of this can happen without the restoration of Congress to its dominant position of the three Branches of Government as was originally intended by the Constitution. The Executive and Judicial must be reined in, and Congress must assert its prerogatives over all legislation curtailing all unconstitutional agendae through budgetary controls.
Signs abound that angry Americans are now more ready than ever before for a change in direction that is indeed real.
re: "rapidly moving toward a dangerous time"

Ron Paul is taking the 'revolution rhetoric' to new levels that are truly hard to fathom. In this latest address posted on Paul's website he basically lays out an either/or proposition with regard to the future of America. Either the government is reformed he says (see last two paragraphs above), or the much less desirable "option"' as Paul terms it, becomes "inevitable". That scenario, he predicts, involves unavoidable "political and social chaos", taking the form of a "street fight" to "restore liberties" with "blood running in the streets". This will be the result of the government having taken new powers unto itself to quell anarchy, which they "will not be hesitant to use....to maintain order".
Want to know what the future is for America. The NWO is telling you right up front. Only the most naive would believe that at this late stage of the game there is any realistic chance of, as Paul says, a "restoration of Congress to it's dominant position", etc. No, no way, not a chance, not in this lifetime.
The harsh reality of the future of the United States of America is sadly evident. The increasingly alarming cries for rebellion and so-called revolution coming from many quarters is clearly psychological conditioning intended to prepare the populace to act as unwitting revolutionaries, i.e. 'voluntary participants' in the "inevitable" next phase of the NWO plan for the demolition of this country. Political and social ordo ab chao that would be, resulting in societal breakdown, martial law, and final assimilation into the Cabalist global dictatorship. Exactly as scripted.
Believe your eyes (and ears). This is not a drill. "Great danger lies ahead", to quote Paul again. Next month, next year, or three years, who can say, but...the handwriting is on the wall. Be aware and be steadfast, and if not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ*, it is time to become one. Rev. 18:4
see also: Latest Obama-Eligibility Update...And Rebellion? 1-20-10 "...instigate the so-called revolution all the agent provocateurs like Glenn Beck and Ron Paul are now working overtime to sell to the American people...designed as means to the end to bring down the U.S. and merge it into the global regional-government system, i.e. the North American union (NAU).
Civil War In U.S.? Unbelievable Rhetoric And Another Call For 'Revolution' 12-11-09
*Dollar crashing? see: NWO Notifying US: We Are Done W/You And Your Dollar 10-6-09 [follow links, connect dots]

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