Undie Bomber Update: EU And US To 'Strengthen Cooperation' To Control Global Air Travel

EU and US interior ministers agreed on Thursday (21 January) to step up airport screening of passengers, increase onboard security and to improve data sharing after a failed attack last month on a US-bound flight departing from Amsterdam.
Recognising their "shared responsibility" for preventing terrorist attacks on civil flights, ministers pledged to come up by April with concrete proposals on enhancing their security both on the ground and in the air.
US home affairs chief Janet Napolitano said co-operation needed to be strengthened in the area of data collection, analysis and sharing, improvement of aviation standards and deployment of better screening technology.
This post is an update on: Scripted Plane Incident Used As Pretext For NWO Internationally Coordinated Air Travel 'Security' System 1-1-10 "Do not forget for one minute that the 'global citizens' of the future will have absolutely no rights to come and go as they please in the micromanaged 'brave new world' being constructed for them. They will be owned like property and treated as such. The international tracking system to establish this control is now being hardwired as we speak. Take a good long look because the walls are closing in.
According to the NWO spokespeople, the scripted Christmas day undie-bomber incident highlighted the importance of an internationally "shared responsibility" for global airline security. That of course is NWO-speak. The English translation for that phrase is: 'a draconian global tracking system for all travelers wherever and whenever'.
It is not only for individuals though. This system being put together will be used to connect and control all the world's airports, and eventually airlines. Total control of the entire industry worldwide is the goal, and that goal is on the front burner.
Creating this global airline system will involve a "drastic reshaping" and "cross-border" structuring [see links below]. The international coordination of airline security and all it entails opens the door to begin meeting both of these requirements.
Take note 'world citizens', this is a major development in 666 Big Brotherdom. Rev. 18:4
see: NWO Takeover: The Airlines Are Next 6-7-09 “Our future depends on a drastic reshaping by partners, governments and industry.”
Qantas-British Airways Merge: First 'Truly' Global Airline 12-2-08 "If someone can find a way to structure a cross-border airline we can move towards a properly consolidated industry."
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