NWO Web Clampdown Updates: Rupert Murdoch Blocking Search Engines

Rupert Murdoch Begins Blocking News Aggregators, Search Engines

Rupert Murdoch has been known to refer to those running the web as “plagiarists” and “parasites,” threatening to remove all of his content from search engines like Google (especially if Bing is willing to pay up). Many wondered if he was bluffing, but now the process seems to have begun, with the Times Online blocking aggregation of its stories.

As a consequence of this action — apparently the first change to the Times Online’s blocking policy since May 2008 — two million visitors to NewsNow.co.uk every month will no longer find headlines and links to content on the Times Online site in their news search results.

Whether this will be the first domino in a line of things to come remains to be seen — Google News is, of course, far more noteworthy than a “homegrown” UK aggregator — but it is certainly a move in the direction previously threatened by Murdoch and his companies. But if it does happen, expect a far larger outcry when Murdoch and crew start blocking sites that steer the internet conversation.
It is not hard to see the rapidly increasing steps being taken by the NWO chiefs to take control of the www. For example, in just the last month, including this slick little trial balloon sent up by Rupert, no less than four precedent setting control measures have been implemented:

NWO Cyber-czar Appointed, Sets Up Shop 12-22-09
China Adopts New Measures, Demonstrates To World How To 'Neuter' Internet 12-16-09
NWO Australian Government Rolling Out Internet Censorship 12-15-09 "The writing is on the wall: the world-wide-web will soon be neutered. Get it while you can."
Absolute control is the only goal of the would-be kings of the earth. The goal is now in sight.
Rev. 18:4

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