Swine '09 Unprecedented Step: Massachusetts Deputizing Civilian 'Vaccinators'

follow up on: Refusing Mandatory Vaccinations? Ever Heard Of MSEHPA? 8-12-09 (see post)
Massachusetts deputizes dentists, others to help with vaccinations boston.com
Massachusetts health authorities took the unprecedented step yesterday of deputizing dentists, paramedics, and pharmacists to help administer vaccines against both the seasonal flu and the novel swine strain expected to make a return visit in the fall.
In another emergency measure, regulators directed hospitals and clinics to provide vaccine to all their workers and some volunteers, a move designed to keep the medical workforce robust and prevent doctors and nurses from making their patients sick.
In Boston, the city health agency plans to offer shots during the day, night, and weekend. There is a chance that retired health workers will be pressed into service to provide vaccinations to adults and children, with many patients needing three visits for all their inoculations.
It’s going to require all hands on deck,’’ said Dr. Alfred DeMaria, the top disease tracker at the state Department of Public Health. “We have to get everybody who’s a target for vaccine vaccinated, and we have to get enough people to give the vaccine.’’
It is estimated that 90 percent of Massachusetts adults and children fall into categories recommended to receive seasonal flu vaccine.
re: 'emergency measure'
Besides the unprecedented step of government authorization of civilians to carry out the injections of the mystery brew for the mystery flu, it is very important to understand another crucial aspect of what is happening here. According to this article, under an "emergency measure", all hospital and clinic workers in Massachusetts as well as some volunteers will, it appears, be the first to receive 'mandatory' vaccinations. The crucial thing to understand is this: under an 'emergency' declaration everything changes (see: MSEHPA). Normal civil rights can be suspended, while so-called health authorities can be then empowered to dictate as they please. Note the statement by "top disease tracker" [pleeze] from the state Department of Public Health: "It's going to REQUIRE all hands on deck".
Emergency declarations and everything changing? Guess what, it's already started in Massachusetts.
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On Thursday morning, four or five National Guard Humvees will travel from Augusta to Paris with vials of fake serum. The National Guardsmen will take on the roles of panicked citizens and military police and practice what they would do, such as using tear gas, in the case of a riot.

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