FEMA Press Release: Planning 'Child-Specific Guidance' For Evacuation, Relocation

FEMA Announces Creation Of Children's Working Group

FEMA Announces Creation Of Children's Working Group
Release Date: August 4, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- While testifying before the Senate Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Disaster Recovery today, the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate announced the creation of a "Children's Working Group."

The working group will allow FEMA and its partners to explore and implement planning and response strategies specific to children throughout the agency and ensure that during a disaster the unique needs of children are not only considered, but fully integrated into how FEMA administers this support to states and the public.

The Children's Working Group will be composed of FEMA employees across multiple directorates and offices to ensure coordination and action, and will report directly to the Office of the Administrator.

Areas of focus of the Children's Working Group will include:
(here are just two examples of the new planning; see post for full press release)

Child-specific guidance as to evacuation, sheltering, and relocation;
Tracking and reunification of families

re: Evacuation, relocation, family reunification...."child-specific guidance"?
Nothing good here citizens of the USA homeland...which is now being 'incorporated' into the North American Union (NAU).
The question now is...are plans underway to expedite the transition?
Be aware.
'The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces' 1 Sam. 2:10


ABL said...

I'm not 100% clear on exactly what the express ( govts's) and implied purpose(devious intent of govt) of this action was


tom m. said...


The express purpose is not at all spelled out in the 'press release'. It is 'purposely' vague i gather.

The concern implied is as to the idea of preparations being made for evacuations and relocations due to 'emergencies'. Will children be 'trained' (prepared) in the schools perhaps?

As wild as it may sound, it is no secret that relocating people from various outlying areas into designated population centers is a part of the Agenda 21 global management plan.

In that light, this seems to me to be noteworthy.

Step by step...

ABL said...

I'd been diggin in here....and re-read Berit Kjos' Agenda 21 piece with regard to the UN's position on the "rights (reprograming) of the child". I then found an interesting web site entitled:
democr&$ts = soc*al(sm that had a piece on the same subject. It repeatedly gets blocked and shut down (that's why I wrote the letters as I did). This may be more sinister than we desire to grasp...the seperating away of children in event of disaster. You know...in the safe keeping of the govt. brainwashers.

Place a dot on that one


tom m. said...


as it stands, if something were to happen during school hours, say, the children could be whisked away to a shelter, and depending on the situation, parents could be restricted indefinitely

big dot