One World Government And Tony Blair's 1000-Village 'Climate Change' Plan

VERY BRIEFLY - Here, in action, is seen an example of how 'climate change' propaganda is being used as a pretext to strongarm control over every activity on the planet. In this case, to enter into and begin the organization of the one world government system at the lowest levels of society - i.e. villages and communities, anywhere on the globe. Once in the door, what will undoubtedly happen is that 'climate change' management teams, if you will, will be put in place in each individual village, and given authority. As is already happening everywhere, nothing will be done any longer without the approval of the new 'climate change' authorities. These new 'authorities' will be, of course, accountable only to their global masters, and to the fulfilling of their agenda.
Once up and running, this system will enable the networking of these villages/communities, which then will come under the regional 'higher management' of the global agenda and it's would-be overlords. This scheme is aka agenda 21, communtarianism, and/or regional global government. Learn about it. The biblically foretold one world government of antichrist? This IS that. see all: 'regional governments'
From youtube: Tony Blair and Jet Li launch the 1000-Village Solar LED Initiative in China. The joint initiative between The Climate Group and the Jet Li One Foundation, will engage 400 villages in China in the first two years, and 600 villages in China, India and African countries on the second stage.

see also: Ban Ki-moon: 4 Months To 'Secure Future Of Planet' 8-12-09 "The ugly truth behind this 'official line' [climate change] is that what is actually being created is a system by which it will be made possible to micromanage the entire planet. This definitely includes all the inhabitants thereof, meaning people, animals, trees, rocks, everything. see: Ecuador Gives 'Rights' to Nature
For more on the import of these things in regard to biblical prophecy, see: The Stone which the builders rejected [from Daniel ch. 2]

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