NWO Seeks To Moot Faux-Homosexual Marriage Issue, Dissolve State's Rights

White House challenges gay marriage ban

WASHINGTON (KGO) -- The Obama administration took a landmark action, over the federal government's ban on same-sex marriage. The administration filed court papers saying the law is unfair and discriminates against gays.
"...the Obama administration wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act"
"A San Francisco professor believes that Obama is trying to put pressure on Congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and get it off the books.
"It appears in this case that Obama will put that decision in the hands of Congress."
re: 'landmark action'

This post is an update on: Homosexual Agenda Finds A Home In New White House 1-21-09:

"There is much larger agenda here than just the question of homosexuality, although that itself is certainly objectionable enough. The DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), for one thing, prohibits individual states from being forced to recognize out-of-state homosexual marriages. In repealing DOMA then, the homosexual agenda is also being used as a vehicle to "remove state's rights", contributing to the deconstruction of this country. By also playing a large role in the planned expanding of "hate-crimes laws", it is being used to contribute to the loss of free speech, as speaking against the homosexual agenda has already been deemed "hateful". And this is only the beginning of what is coming. This was all laid out in the very first 'minute' of the incoming abomination administration."
True to their word, the present 'occupiers' of the White House are moving forward with their pledge to repeal DOMA. With their 'defense' removed, each of the individual 50 states would then be forced to legally recognize a faux-homosexual marriage from any other state, regardless of the laws of that particular state. As stated just above, the ramifications of this action go far beyond just the issue of the 'faux-marriages'. Dissolving the sovereignty of state governments is the ultimate goal, absolutely necessary, of course, for the deconstruction of the elective-representative American system of democracy which is now being systematically replaced by the communitarian model of world government, aka dictatorship. That's the bottom line, and the "landmark action" of repealing DOMA will go a long way toward achieving that end.

Proverbs 22:28 'Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.'

The fact that few understand these things does not change their reality. Be one of the few and understand the times.

see also: California Homosexual Marriage Defeat And Obama 11-6-08
Enter ye in at the strait gate...Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.' Matt. 7:13-14

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