Big Brother Piecing Together Control Grid: $1.2 Billion For Electronic Health Records

U.S. grants $1.2 billion for electronic health records

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The U.S. government announced grants of almost $1.2 billion on Thursday to help hospitals and health care providers establish and use electronic health records.

The grants include $598 million to set up some 70 health information technology centers to help health care institutions acquire electronic health record systems and $564 million to develop a nationwide system of health information networks, Vice President Joe Biden's office said in a statement.
National Coordinator for Health IT David Blumenthal said these funds will likely be granted in three cycles over the course of 2010. Blumenthal, who was also on the call taking questions, said he did not know what hospitals or physician groups would seek government funds, but expects those that have been at the forefront of using technology to apply.
The grants will be funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and be made available in 2010, the statement said.
Big Brother...big steps, big bucks
1. Government funded hospitals and physicians groups means government control of the medical field. see: 'Pay Czar' Claims Dictatorial Powers Over 'Bailout Money' Recipients 8-19-09
(After time, will it be possible for any health professionals to operate outside of the system? Don't bet on it.)

2. A 'nationwide system of health information networks' and 'electronic health records' means government control of individuals personal information. see: Taking A Peek At The Orwellian 'Health Slave Care' Bill 7-30-09:

"PG 58: The creation of a national ID health card and a comprehensive federal database containing streaming data on every American's personal financial records.

3. Stopping there? Don't bet on it. This emerging dictatorship is to be nothing less than global. see: Global Citizenship Coming 'Round The Bend 7-31-09

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