Agenda To Federalize Police Advances Again: Oakland, CA Police Becoming Branch Of FBI

FBI "deputizes" Oakland, CA Police Department
Ten FBI Agents Joining Oakland Police Department

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is committing $110,000 toward the creation of a state-of-the-art center for investigations in the Oakland Police Department, according to a briefing provided by OPD and the FBI at the Oakland City Council's public safety committee meeting last night.

The joint effort will bring as many as ten FBI agents into OPD’s criminal investigations division to expand the department’s investigative capacity.

The new facility will include twelve computer workstations with access to FBINet, the bureau’s classified intranet... FBINet "communicates secret information, including investigative case files and intelligence pertaining to national security," and has been a critical tool in the creation of so-called fusion centers that collect and share law enforcement information between federal, state and local agencies.

Everyone in [OPD] homicide has been deputized as a task force officer and has access to the FBI database and access to resources outside of the state.”

Holmgren said OPD will have access to many of FBI tools, including software to conduct “social network analysis” of suspects and their social networks. “We can see what sphere of influence these individuals have,” he said.

This post is a follow up on: Nationwide Police-Shooting Psyops/Drama End Game Now Clear: Cleveland 'Federalizing' Police - Ordo Ab Chao 5-27-15 "'And classic ordo ab chao it is...Apparently John Q. Public is to believe that the city of Cleveland is not capable of handling their police issues so that authority must now be relinquished to federal control. This is what the Mayor of Cleveland has termed a "systemic change", and a "new way of policing". And wouldn't you know it, this "new way of policing", this "systemic change" taking place, just so happens to be exactly what the planned Zionist-new-world-order agenda calls for: federalizing the police. Cleveland today, Baltimore, Ferguson, your city tomorrow. It's begun' -- A monolithic national police system and a regional-continental system (aka Agenda21) of global government go hand in hand. It could not work any other way." [see post]
Interconnected "law enforcement....federal, state, and local". This is that, this is how it is being done - one state, one city, one "law enforcement" department at a time. "Deputizing" Andy of Mayberry and Barney Fife which is to say essentially assigning them new roles as underlings of what is now on it's way to undeniably becoming a federally controlled monolithic national-system. Another name for it is national police-state i.e. dictatorship. Aka Agenda21 regional-continental global government. They have no plan b. Be very much aware - Canamerexico will not transform itself.  Rev. 18:4
Gen. 11:9 'Therefore is the name of it called Babel'

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