NWO Pope Bergoglio/Francis At It Again: Appoints Radical Homosexual Advocate To Vatican Council

Handpicks 'Radical Radcliffe' as consultor for the 'Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace':
Vatican appointee says gay sex can express Christ’s ‘self-gift’

Radcliffe: "...on the question of gay sexuality? ...in many ways, I would think that it can be expressive of Christ’s self-gift"

'New World Pope' Francis Named Homosexual
Magazine's Person Of The Year 12-17-13; link
ROME, May 19, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) -- Pope Francis has appointed radically liberal, pro-homosexual Dominican Father Timothy Radcliffe as a consultor for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

Father Radcliffe, an Englishman, author and speaker, was Master of the Dominican order from 1992 to 2001, and is an outspoken proponent of homosexuality.

In 2005, as the Vatican deliberated the admission of men with homosexual tendencies to study for the priesthood in the wake of the Church sex abuse scandal, Father Radcliffe said that homosexuality should not bar men from the priesthood, and rather, those who oppose it should be banned.

Social justice is the focus of the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace, established in 1967 by Pope Paul VI in response to the Vatican II proposal for establishment of a body of the universal Church that would “stimulate the Catholic Community to foster progress in needy regions and social justice on the international scene.”

The Scottish blog Catholic Truth blog called it an “absolutely shocking papal appointment.”

“It’s very clear indeed now, that to be 'a priest in good standing' means to be opposed to all that is truly Catholic – and that includes true morals,” the post read, and called for prayers for the Holy Father.

“Radcliffe's acceptability has just received a major upgrade with this latest appointment,” Rorate Caeli stated. “A tremendous slap to the face of so many good Catholics who had opposed him out of fidelity to the faith.”

This post is a follow up on: 2014 Vatican Synod Final Report Enables Homosexual Agenda - Despite Contrary Claims - Using Semantics 10-19-14 "Homosexuality to be sanctioned by the Catholic Church? It's a foregone conclusion Catholic...The bottom line is that the new official Church document coming out of Synod 2014 contains the language needed to entrench the homosexual-genderless globalist agenda permanently into Catholicism...the door is officially opened, it is now in writing - "accepted"...The bottom line again is that the door of Catholicism has been forced open, and opposition has been declared not acceptable - i.e. no discrimination - i.e. no saying that 'homosexuality' is wrong or sinful or immoral or what the Bible says....It's not only about homosexuality though. The bigger picture is about removing any sense of empowerment from people by submitting them to nothingness. No standards, no morals, no good or bad, just nothingness. Nothingness breeds terminal weakness. Easily controlled slave class to bow before and serve their Kabalist-Satanic would-be masters in the Antichrist kingdom-come. This is where they are really going with it...Catholic, recommend strongly to face the reality and not be submitted to the nothingness...[see post]

3-26-13 special edition TIME
magazine; 13 days after
3-13-13 papal 'selection' - link
See also: 'New World Pope' Francis 1st Anniversary [3-13-14] - 'New World' Assimilation Of Catholic Church In Full Swing 3-13-14 "When Benedict 'suddenly' bowed out of his pope-dom a little more than a year ago, the Catholic Church paradigm-shift[ed] into high gear. Before the dust even settled, Bergoglio/Francis was moved in and already nicknamed the "New World Pope". Hitting the ground running, the rhetoric began to fly out of the papal headquarters faster than seagulls released to chase doves [link], espousing every radical transformative agenda item on the zionist-new-world manifesto, from endorsing atheism to denouncing opponents of abortion and homosexuality i.e. sodomy. And of course just recently letting slip the 'curse heard 'round the world' [link]* (would that qualify him as one who "spake as a dragon"? - Rev. 13:11). And these are only some of the 'sudden changes' NWP Francis/Bergoglio has introduced in his one short year of script-reading papal conjuring. The Jesuit (Zionist) reality is that the fake-false prophet role-playing [see first, fourth link below] is just getting warmed up. To whom it may concern, Catholic church people that means you, these facts must be faced. The issues could not be any more serious. Catholicism is being delivered up to the Antichrist 'new-world'." [see post]
Recommend careful consideration of the above comments Catholic. Denial will mean assimilation. Believe on the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ alone for salvation [John 6:29; Rom 10:9], not popes, not Mary worship, not priests, nor masses, saints, immaculate conceptions, transubstantiation, novenas, rosaries, confessionals, lent, ash Wednesdays, stations-of-the-cross, purgatory, infant baptism, and more - for not one of these things are found anywhere in the Holy Bible. Not a one.

Catholic, this would be a real good time to face all the facts of all the matter.
Rev. 18:4
1Tim. 2:5-6 'For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time'

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