Prepping For Fake Gog-Magog WWIII Hoax? -- Russia, China Hold Joint Drill In Mediterranean May 17-21, 2015

Follow up on: ISIS: ZWO Invoking 'Spirit Of Antichrist'; Script About 'The Promised Land' (Syria), 'Blood Moons', Katy Perry "Perfect Storm" [Bible Prophecy] 6-21-14 "...one thing is certain - and that is that a massive worldwide deception is on the way...in terms of middle east warfare, ultimately finalizing in a fake Gog-Magog WWIII, prearranged to result in Israeli victory, allowing for a claim of divine-deliverance, to then be interpreted-to-the-world as evidence of the god-given right to rule the planet and mankind [link]...Syria is on the list for conquest. Possibly something starts there. This could lead into an Iran involvement, and it is definitely not without importance to note the fact that Russia has suddenly become the big bad villain. Totally scripted. In the fake Gog-Magog scenario they have to play the lead role of enemy from the North. China very likely will come into the picture too, and although the verse actually refers to the battle of Armageddon, will be said to be in some sort of alliance with Russia as the kings of the east [Rev. 16:12] when the fake Gog-Magog does go down. All the players are being lined up." [see post]
‘Not aimed at third country’: Russia & China start joint drills at Mediterranean

Russia, China first ever joint naval exercise: “Joint Sea 2015” May 17-21
Nine Russian and Chinese warships kicked off joint military exercises dubbed, ‘Sea Cooperation - 2015’ in the Mediterranean on Sunday, the Russian Defense ministry said.

“The active phase of the exercises will be held in the Mediterranean between May 17 and 21, about 10 warships from the Russian Navy and the People's Liberation Army Navy [of China] will be participating,” a statement from the Defense Ministry said.

The goal of the Russia-China exercises “is to strengthen mutual understanding between the navies... regarding boosting stability, countering new challenges and threats at sea," Vice-Admiral Aleksandr Fedotenkov, a deputy commander of the Russian Navy, who is leading the exercises from the Russian side, said.

The Russian-Chinese exercise comes at a time when NATO and its allies are holding military drills all over Europe.

Earlier, Russia announced its land forces will take part in a series of joint drills with troops in China, Belarus, India, and Mongolia later this year. The exercises will focus on peacekeeping and antiterrorist activities, the Kremlin said.

With relations between Moscow and the West having deteriorated over the Ukraine crisis, Russia has increased cooperation with its Chinese neighbors, in both economic and military spheres.

Quoting from the 'follow up' post linked above, the last line: "all the players are being lined up". The operative word there is "players". Players as in a scripted production. As made clear in this 'Russia-China Joint Drill' article, the players are clearly assuming their assigned positions. Thanks to the "Ukraine crisis" the "West" and Russia are moving apart, and Russia and China are moving closer together. Exactly what the script calls for.

This is of course not the first story of the increasing alliance of late between Russia and China but it would seem to mark a definite escalation as far as outward activity goes. Russia and China are of course being made out to be the key 'players' making up the supposed 'Gog-Magog' alliance of biblical prophecy, as promulgated far and wide by too many Judaizing false teachers over too many years to name here. Understanding though that a correct scriptural interpretation of the Ezekiel 38-39 passage where Gog and Magog are found makes this heavily-hyped Russia-China interpretation an absolute impossibility* - leaves only one possibility: it has to be a production.

As suggested, once again borrowing from the 'follow up' above, these current events have every appearance of being

"...a massive worldwide deception...in terms of middle east warfare, ultimately finalizing in a fake Gog-Magog WWIII, prearranged to result in Israeli victory, allowing for a claim of divine-deliverance, to then be interpreted-to-the-world as evidence of the god-given right to rule the planet and mankind..."

Now certainly every production of any sort needs planning and preparation, and certainly the greater the goal of any particular production the greater planning and preparation would be needed to assure that all goes off without a hitch. How much planning and prep then should it be supposed would be required to pull off something as huge as a fake bible-prophecy Gog-Magog** WWIII "prearranged" for final Zionist global-conquest to achieve their ages long quest to "rule the planet and mankind".

Answer: very likely exactly the type of immense military exercises that are here now being seen on the global stage. Russia and China coming together, familiarizing themselves with, and ironing out the details of the script, getting their stage cues down, everyone learning their lines, so-to-speak, so that when the time comes and the director yells "action" - it all goes 'just the way they drew it up'.

That would of course be the 'Divine deliverance resulting in Israeli victory' scenario as previously suggested [see 'follow up'].

Be very much aware - the stage is clearly being set. And the whole thing just got that much closer.
 Rev. 18:4
Much more to this, not fully explained here; need to follow links, connect dots if interested

*Hal Lindsey and Ezekiel 38-39 Gog Magog Hoax, Russia not in Bible 2-21-15

**Note: The real Gog-Magog takes place at the end of the thousand year period known commonly as the millennial kingdom [Rev. 20:7-8]. Ezekiel's chapter 38-39 Gog-Magog and the Revelation's chapter 20 Gog-Magog are one and the same. This is almost universally denied though because the scheme as described above is not possible unless it is made into two separate events. Note 2: This can only be done by purposely ignoring the chronology of Ezekiel. These chapters of Ezekiel are absolutely chronological. To correctly interpret Ezekiel this chronology must not be overlooked. Ezekiel 38-39 can in no way happen before Ezekiel 36-37, which is the restoration of the nation of Israel by the LORD God: cleansing them, giving them a "new heart", and putting his Spirit within them, unto obedience; Ezekiel 36:25-28; 37:14,23-24. This has absolutely not happened yet, and will not happen, until after the tribulation, the time of Jacob's trouble; Jer. 30:7 (Israel returning to the land in 1948 and Jerusalem in 1967 was not at all the restoration promised by God, but was accomplished by their own political machinations - without God at all [1John 2:22]). Ezekiel 38-39 then, can occur at the end of the thousand-year millennium only, "after many days", when Satan is loosed for a time from the bottomless pit where he has been held for that thousand years [Ezekiel 38:8; Rev. 20:7], to lead Gog-Magog [Ezekiel 38:9; Rev. 20:8], only to be "devoured" [Rev. 20:9;], that God may magnify and sanctify Himself before all the millennial world [Ezekiel 38:23; 39:6].

see all: Gog Magog hoax
Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity'


Anonymous said...

When you say the "fake" World War III, Gog and Magog, are you saying it is not the war spoken of in Revelation, or are you simply saying it is all orchestrated?

tom m. said...

What is being said is that the coming global conflict is being presented to the world as the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog Magog war. This is not possible - as pointed out in more than few posts on the blog - for instance: link

What is there stated is that the Ezk. 38-39 Gog Magog and the Rev. 20 Gog Magog that you reference can only be one and the same...

and that this event can occur only at the end of the millennium - not now

If current events today are being made out to be Gog Magog, but cannot be, there has to be a reason...

(have to follow links, connect dots - if interested)

Many will not accept interpreting the 'Gog Magog' event as here presented - this is understood - so be it

Many will not accept much of the Word of God

Rev. 18:4

Robert Pickle said...

Also, note Ezekiel Gog of Magog was during and between the 1st temple of abomination and the 2nd temple of abomination a den of thieves. Gog being representative of satan worship. In fact the north Aholah who hate Christ are attacking on global scale the true seed of Abraham, who are them in faith of Christ Jesus. Gog is after the working of Satan that old Dragon and is now being ruled by Sanhedrin.

Robert Pickle said...

I reblogged @

Again....Finally another LIVING SAINT of Jesus the Christ the Lord God Almighty