UK's Cameron Announces Totalitarian Measures To Control "Extremist" Minions - Because Just "Obeying The Law" Not Enough

David Cameron to unveil new limits on extremists' activities in Queen's speech

A counter-terrorism bill including plans for extremism disruption orders designed to restrict those trying to radicalise young people is to be included in the Queen’s speech, David Cameron will tell the national security council on Wednesday [today 5-13-15].

“For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our
citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone...This
government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach"
The measures would give the police powers to apply to the high court for an order to limit the “harmful activities” of an extremist individual.

The definition of harmful is to include a risk of public disorder, a risk of harassment, alarm or distress or creating a “threat to the functioning of democracy”.

The aim is to catch not just those who spread or incite hatred on the grounds of gender, race or religion but also those who undertake harmful activities for the “purpose of overthrowing democracy”.

They would include a ban on broadcasting and a requirement to submit to the police in advance any proposed publication on the web and social media or in print. It will also contain new powers to close premises including mosques where extremists seek to influence others.

Cameron will tell the NSC: “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone...

This government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach.

The home secretary, Theresa May, will say: “This government will challenge those who seek to spread hatred and intolerance by forming a new partnership of every person and organisation in this country that wants to defeat the extremists.”
re: UK's Cameron: "as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone...this [is a] failed approach"

Obeying the law...is a failed approach...so speaking out in any way shape or form against any official novus ordo seclorum agenda items will no longer be tolerated from this point forward - we are trying to build a global dictatorship here people - you do understand don't you. All minions must submit to their assigned minion-dom without complaint...or else.

"Because you're a minion..."


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Zio-Hollywood's "Minions": unisex worker-drones existing only to serve their "evil master" aka global-citizen programming of the youth

So say the so-called politicians i.e. appointed messengers of the ZWO-ite would-be-lords of the universe. The language in the above article is as purely totalitarian as language can be, and needs little further comment. The only thing would be to note that what is done in one part of the world, as with this ZWO open declaration of UK totalitarian implementation, is without question intended from there to be spread to all the earth. The planned Antichrist zionist-kingdom-come [see: London 2012] could not come any other way...and the US definitely not to be excluded; see:

Brennan Takes CIA Oath On Pre-Legal 1787 Constitution Without Bill Of Rights; Teddy Roosevelt Symbolism 3-9-13 "That a sublime message was intended here is not difficult to discern. How else can it be possibly taken? Are "We The People" thought to be so mindless as to believe that swearing in on an orginal draft of the U.S. Constitution that had not yet been ratified by the states, without the "Bill of Rights", is to signify the upholding of the "rule of law"? Is not exactly the opposite the message conferred? The 1787 document used had not been made into law (that not happening until 1789), the protections of the people had not been established...There is a name for government that does not recognize any "rule of law" other than a 'big stick'. It is called totalitarianism..." [see post]

"Counter terrorism" they call it - note first sentence of article. And totalitarianism is needed to 'counter terrorism'. That's the official story and they're sticking to it. Be absolutely aware.  Rev. 18:4
Compare: Largest VA School District To Teach Students 'Gender-Fluidity' -- And "Minions" The Movie July 10, 2015 5-16-15
Gen. 3:4-5 'And the serpent said...ye shall be as gods'  [cf. John 8:44]


TruthVigilantee said...

That is their goal; they have built everything up by orchestration to this point building up the 'extremist' as the enemy and then the target. A global police state is coming and WE Christians are the real target. We, the 'extremists,' because we hold to the gospel, the Word of God, and refuse to bow to their gaystapo agenda among other things. It is going to get interesting soon...

Christsfreeservnt said...

I agree with what TruthVigilantee said.