Denmark Pushing Global Cashless Agenda: Businesses Allowed To Refuse Cash Starting 2016

Denmark Legislates Cashless Society

In a groundbreaking move, the Danish government has initiated a proposal that will allow selected retailers such as restaurants, clothing stores and gas stations to refuse payments in cash.

Exceptions would be made for grocery stores, post offices, prescription drug purchases, as well as doctors and dentists who would still have to accept cash as a payment method. The pre-election proposal, which is very likely to be approved by the Danish Parliament, would allow shops to simply say no to cash as early as January 2016

Danish customers have already moved away from metal and paper money. Almost a third of the population already uses a Danske Bank app called MobilePay which allows you to pay with a simple swipe on your smartphone’s screen- similarly to the slowly but steadily growing Google Wallet in the U.S. In this context, Denmark’s Central Bank decided last year that it would no longer print banknotes and coins.

Still a proposal at this point, but as pointed out in the above article, the Danish Central bank has already stopped printing new banknotes i.e physical paper money and stopped minting new coins, so the thing is obviously a done deal. With cash in hand no longer acceptable, the financial world suddenly becomes essentially an absolutely controlled and monitored system of digital credits. No cash-in-hand means personal autonomy i.e. freedom is something that no longer exists. Absolutely every transaction action tracked, every transaction in someone else's control. Virtual-money-only means the individual at that point is completely owned by the 'system'.

Refusing cash is a "groundbreaking move" says the Danish government....and they are going full speed ahead. Obviously a completely 'cashless' world is the dream of the novus ordo seclorum-ites, so take note, because that envelope is about to get not pushed but 'shoved' to the next level.

Compare: Cashless Canada: Currency Printing Operation Stops 1-1-2013; "Mint Chip" Being Rolled Out 1-3-13 "Why have they stopped? According to BA International it is due to a decrease in demand for new bills, thanks to the new plastic currencies longer life expectancy...Can the plastic bills still be lost? Get damaged? Of course. So the idea of them being so great that we don’t need to print anymore currency is absurd! The real agenda is a cashless future" [see post; video]

Rev. 18:4

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