The Neuter-net: ZWO Unfolding Triple-Play For Internet Takeover: ID's, "Right To Be Forgotten", Fast-Slow Lanes

Underway now: Big Brother three prong attack to go from the now 'neutral-net' to a soon-to-be completely 'neutered-net':

1. Big Brother "Permission":

Internet ID Plot Being Tested in Two States

A plot by the Obama administration to impose Internet IDs on Americans is now officially being rolled out, with pilot programs for the controversial online “driver’s license” scheme already beginning in both Michigan and Pennsylvania...Officially known as the “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace,” or NSTIC for short, outlines of the plan were initially floated by the Obama administration’s “Homeland Security” apparatus in 2010 [link]

The pilot programs will begin by targeting Americans who want some sort of government “service” — welfare, food stamps, permission to do something, and more. In announcing millions in taxpayer-funded federal "grants" to the two states involved in the testing, the NIST said the purpose of the online identity scheme was to “improve access to government services and the delivery of federal assistance programs, and to reduce fraud.” At least initially, Obama’s Internet plot is supposed to be “voluntary,” with development of its “Identity Ecosystem” led by taxpayer-funded “private sector” outfits.

compare: UK To Use "Internet Identities" For Official Identification - To Be Basis For Global System 10-5-12

2. "Right to be forgotten":

Google must delete search results on request, rules EU court

The top European Court has ruled that citizens have a "right to be forgotten" - In what could turn out to be one of the biggest shake-ups to online privacy legislation, the European Union Court of Justice decided Tuesday [5-13-14] that people can ask Google and other online entities to edit or erase online search results if those results contain information that might infringe the privacy of the person in question.

3. Fast and slooow lanes

FCC Moves To Implement Two-Tier Internet

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) endorsed a new two-tier system Thursday [5-15-14] for Internet service providers, overturning the principle of "net neutrality."

"For most Americans, they have at best two choices for truly high-speed Internet, and many only have one company that offers that in their town," Aaron said. "So as a consumer if your Internet service provider decides to start blocking or interfering or speeding up or slowing down traffic, you have nowhere else to turn. You're at their mercy."

The two Republican commissioners who voted no said the new rules would impose too many restrictions on Internet providers like Verizon, who they think should have the freedom to set prices like most other businesses. After a period of public comment, the FCC chairman said he wants to make these new rules final by the end of the year.

It is a triple-play. Not one, not two, but three simultaneous movements. It is in fact a veritable so-called 'perfect storm' - and like most other storms these days, absolutely "geoengineered", i.e. completely manufactured, and targeted. In this case the clear target is a final, and absolutely comprehensive, Big Brother takeover of the internet by the ZWO-cabalist would-be masters of the universe. Understanding the depth of the dark driving force behind the anti-Christ global schemers it is not at all difficult to understand that this very thing has been an inevitability from the beginning. Certainly the self-convinced would-be candidates-for-apotheosis never really intended the internet to be a tool to empower the sub-species of 'earthlings' to resist their destiny of 666-servitude to them as gods-to-be of planet earth.

No, that would make no sense at all, would it? And so here, the master plan to remove the 'empowering' aspect of the internet for the subspecies is now unfolding. And upon examination, it is readily apparent that when fully implemented, this now-underway three-prong attack will without question change today's 'neutral-net' to a full blown Big Brother 'neutered-net'.

It is a three prong attack: First is the so-called Internet ID - now undergoing "pilot testing" in two states. Some have dubbed this a "driver's license" for the internet. This clearly intimates stringent regulation of users, leading to, it would seem to follow, an ultimate requiring of 'permission' for access by 'Big Brother' - presumably predicated on 'good behavior'. Interesting to note about the Internet ID 'prong' is that it is said to be funded at least in part by the "private sector" [see first link] - which means virtually no accountability to any, which by the way is aka Agenda 21 privatization. Agenda 21 privatization, by design, creates two classes - slave owners, and slaves. Internet access control - already officially started.

Second prong: So called "right to be forgotten". As of now (5-'14), in the EU, anybody, whoever, can request that all information about themselves be deleted from the internet. Obviously this opens the door wide for all sorts of strange things to start happening. Web sites and webpages disappearing, by who and why never stated. Search results coming up empty - no explanation - there's just nothing to be found. Call it what they will, this is nothing but censorship. It is "neutering", and it too has started.

Third prong: Fast and slow lanes? Content control is what that comes down to. Maybe at the beginning it may not seem too different, but just wait. When that favorite alternative site suddenly takes 15 minutes to load, or maybe it's blocked half the time; or when pictures and videos take forever to load on the page...well that's just life in the slow lane commoner. Set to begin by the end of the year.

Completely controlled Neuter-net solely for the purposes of the novus-ordo-seclorum aka ZWO - getting closer by the day. Be aware.
 Rev. 18:4
Thus Saith The LORD On The ZWO: 'When They Shall Say, Peace And Safety; Then Sudden Destruction Cometh' [1Thes. 5:3]


Unknown said...

It makes me sad to think about how little privacy and free speech we will have on the Internet once this starts. If they start monitoring all activity what will happen to blogs like these. I am thinking people like you will be seen as mentally unstable and toxic to society. What will happen to free speech? All those search results that go missing means anyone branded as a false prophet could hide all that truth about themselves just by asking for that information to be deleted. It is a dangerous place to go. We will become China where they are not allowed to post anything that exposes corruption. "Have nothing to do with fruit deeds of darkness but rather expose them."

Unknown said...

Fruitless deeds of darkness they are

tom m. said...


re: blogs like this

if/when the day comes they shut down blogs like this...

that just means the LORD is saying the work is done - Ps. 47:8

If the LORD says so - then it's okay

Ps. 62:8 'Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah'