Update 2 On Fake False Prophet In Israel -Will There Be A Sign? - Tornado In An "Oilfield", Cryptic 'God-Jesus' Video?

Updated 5-28-14
Follow up on: Update On Fake False Prophet In Israel -Will There Be A Sign? -Lightning Hits EU, NY Towers; Global Psyops/Chaos 5-26-14 "...it seems that absolute chaos has been unleashed across the globe on a magnitude hard to recall having seen before: For instance, coast to coast gun-grab/forced psych-testing psy-ops...And geo-chaos everywhere: Quakes, massive fires, earth collapsing, train wrecks...[and will there be]...a grand finale..." [see post]

Grand finale? Hard to make too much of this, but it seems worth noting primarily due to the fact that as the last major pope-event (4-27-14 3D dual-pope ceremony in Rome) was marked by a tornado[s] at the closure [update 1; update 2], so now another tornado strike coincides with the completion of this major pope-event - the first Israel trip:

Terrifying twister struck the oil field just south of Watford City North Dakota 5-26-14 "Incredible footage has emerged of..a tornado as it swept through...an oil field south of Watford City, North Dakota, on Monday [5-26-14]"

That in itself may not necessarily be so remarkable, but there was one one thing about this latest tornado hit that, being so widely reported as it was, does makes it strange. That one thing was a Youtube video with a woman taking the Lord's name in vain [Exodus 20:7], essentially saying something about "Oh Father God in heaven Oh my Jesus we got nowhere to go", on and on repeatedly, and then posting it on Youtube. Why post that - and how is it that that video would get picked up seemingly instantly by all the major msm outlets and then made into a top story? It was all over the place, carried on television news, radio, and many internet news sites. Whether it was intended as a cryptic little message of some sort who can say, but overall the thing just has a strange ring to it. If it were to be taken in a cryptic sense though, it could be taken as a little Kaballah-koded message attempting to subliminally inject into people's minds that there is nowhere to run and even God in heaven can't help you. Beyond considering the possibility of that being the intent though, we cannot go. We must leave it there.

> There is one more thing about this latest tornado that is curious and deserves a mention. Namely the location. It was the particular location of "Little Rock" that made the 4-27-14 tornado following the 3D-pope ceremony in Rome stand out [see '4-28-14' linked below]. Likewise, the fact that of all places this tornado hit an "oilfield" is very interesting, coming as it did on the same day that the 'New World Pope' would be leaving the Middle East - the "oilfields" capital of the world. Symbolic destruction? Replacing oil with "green" is one of the Cabalites prime objectives - this is clear. Geoengineered tornados? It is getting harder by the day not to be convinced.

At any rate, tornados and the New World Pope seem to be on similar schedules. Definitely noting that. May even be a pattern developing. Have to watch and see.
The video - decide for yourself:

Rev. 18:4
See: 4-28-14 Update #2 On "3D Pope Ritual And Will There Be A 'Sign'?" - Tornado Devastates "Little Rock" aka "Petros" The Pope "An update the evening of 4-27 after the papal ritual had been consummated noted the dramatic same-day tornado outbreak across many US states [above]. Following up on that now with this 2nd update, there is something quite remarkable to note about this dramatic 'tornado outbreak', which at the very least is an 'extraordinary coincidence'. This remarkable thing is that the actual location of the most heavily damaged area of the 4-27-14 same-day as the 3D-pope ritual 'Tornado outbreak' has an absolutely direct correlation to 'Catholicism' and in particular the 'pope'. The distinct correlation is the name of the area. The most heavily damaged area was "Little Rock" Arkansas..." [see post]
Nahum 1:3 'The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet'

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