5-23-14 NEWSWEEK: Conspiracy Theories "A Clear And Present Danger" - And Are "Delusions, Fictions, Lunacy"

The Plots to Destroy America

[and why they are not true; and so on and so forth; signed - Big Brother 5-23-14]

[Excerpts] Conspiracy theories...once dismissed as the amusing ravings of the tin-foil-hat crowd has in recent years crossed a threshold, experts say, with delusions, fictions and lunacy now strangling government policies and creating national health risks.

Experts say the number and significance of conspiracy theories are reaching levels unheard-of in recent times, in part because of ubiquitous and faster communications offered by Internet chat rooms, Twitter and other social media.

The fears about Agenda 21 are a prime example...Extremist organizations latched on to Agenda 21 as an attempt by the U.N. and the “New World Order” to seize private property to advance the causes of communism and to crush all dissent. Death maps will be created to determine where people will be allowed to live, some of the theories go. Trees will be given the same rights as humans. Electricity companies will conduct surveillance on customers.

There have been claims and suggestions that Bush used the 9/11 attacks—or even engineered them—as a pretext to engage in wars and increase the state security infrastructure;

“The reason we should worry about conspiracy theories and misinformation is that they distort the debate that is crucial to democracy,’’ says Brendan Nyhan, an assistant professor in Dartmouth’s government department who has conducted research on conspiracy theories.

Where does a conspiracy theory come from? Often, it is generated by fringe groups whose information is picked up by more credible sources, until it eventually reaches the mass media.

While some may dismiss conspiracy theorists as ignorant or unstable, research has shown that to be false. “The idea that only dumb people believe this stuff is wrong,’’ says Dartmouth’s Nyhan. “The reality is that more knowledgeable people can fall victim to these claims as a way to confirm what they already want to believe.”

Researchers agree; conspiracy theories are espoused by people at every level of society seeking ways of calming the chaos of life, sometimes by simply reinforcing convictions. “The world around us can feel more disordered and chaotic for various reasons,’’ Nyhan explains. “Conspiracy theories provide a way to restore feelings of control and order.’’

And the number of people who believe in these often very tall tales is enormous. According to a poll last year by Public Policy Polling, a national firm, 28 percent of Americans believe a secret power elite is conspiring to rule the world through a global authoritarian government, 15 percent believe the government adds mind-control technology to television broadcasts, and 14 percent think the Central Intelligence Agency was instrumental in introducing crack cocaine to America’s inner cities during the 1980s.

re: "delusions, fictions and lunacy...very tall tales"

The above excerpts are from a much longer article. The article itself is fairly predictable in that it basically is an argument making the case for the premise put forth on the magazine cover - namely that "conspiracy theories" have become so widespread now as to have become a "clear and present danger". The first paragraph quoted above elaborates this position very clearly: "conspiracy theories...have crossed a threshold", according to the non-conspiratorial 'experts' quoted in the article, and as a result, say they, "delusions, fictions and lunacy [are] now strangling government policies and creating national health risks".

The author then goes on to identify a number of the more prevalent "conspiracy theories" like 9/11, Agenda 21, Common Core, and others, and then proceeds to, predictably, explain why there really is no conspiracy at all, and that "extremist organizations" and "fringe groups" (and social media) are to blame; but also, according to the 'conspiracy-theorist' expert quoted by the author in the article, as the 'theories' spread, even "more knowledgeable people can fall victim". This is explained by the claim that believing in "conspiracy theories" is essentially a coping mechanism for these people who are trying to "calm the chaos of life" and "restore feelings of control and order". In other words, these more knowledgeable people are resorting to fantasy because reality is just too hard to deal with. Hapless victims of conspiracy theories, this group. So says Big Brother. Is that suggesting that as 'victims' they need to be protected?

Additionally the author invokes the name of Cass Sunstein and references his efforts in the article, all in the way of a defense of Sunstein's noble but misunderstood crusade against dangerous theorists. For those not familiar with Sunstein, he is probably the foremost anti-conspiracy-theorist diatribe-deliverer on the scene today. He wants to make conspiracy theorizing illegal: Cass Sunstein: U.S. Should Ban Conspiracy Theories 1-14-10

In summation, this 'black helicopter' edition of NEWSWEEK has to be seen as sending a very clear message. For the 'non-existent' NWO-cabal to now be stating openly in this manner that conspiracy theories are "strangling government policies and creating national health risks" is a clear indication of the intent to take things to another level. Too much truth getting out, and too many people asking too many questions, and Zion-central is not happy about it.

Clear and present danger, say they. Be informed.
 Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 11:9-10 'And the LORD said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem. They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers, which refused to hear my words; and they went after other gods to serve them: the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken my covenant which I made with their fathers.'

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