U.S. Federal Court [5-'14]: On Psychiatrist Report, Police Can Warrantless Search, Grab Guns, Force Psych-Eval

Related to: NY Passes New Gun Controls And Turns "Mental Health Professionals" Into Big Brother 1-15-13 "The most significant new element would require mental health professionals to report to local mental health officials when they believe that patients are likely to harm themselves or others. Law enforcement officials would then be authorized to confiscate any firearm owned by a dangerous patient; therapists would not be punished for a failure to report such patients if they acted “in good faith.”
Federal court: police can warrantlessly break down door and seize guns without charges

MILWAUKEE, WI — The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that it is not a violation of constitutional rights if police break down a citizen’s door, search the home, and confiscate firearms, so long that they believe it is in the citizen’s best interest.

The lawsuit stems back to an incident that occurred on May 22, 2011. A psychiatrist, Dr. Michelle Bentle, phoned police to report that a patient had expressed a suicidal thought during an outpatient appointment; the woman had received some bad news and privately expressed grief during a difficult appointment.

Despite having no warrant, officers helped themselves to a “proactive sweep” of the woman’s home. During the search, police opened up a locked, opaque case and discovered her pistol. Officers seized the pistol, as well as a BB gun (physically incapable of taking a human life), and her Wisconsin CCW license...Sutterfield was taken into police custody and to a hospital for a forced medical evaluation at the county’s Mental Health Complex; the state’s forced evaluations can last for as long as 72 hours.

Judge Illana Rovner wrote for the three-judge panel on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. She conceded that “the intrusions upon Sutterfield’s privacy were profound,” and noted, “at the core of the privacy protected by the Fourth Amendment is the right to be let alone in one’s home.”

However, since the court believed that the forced entry was done with Sutterfield’s best interests in mind, the circumstances were allowable under the 4th Amendment. Judge Rovner wrote, “There is no suggestion that (police) acted for any reason other than to protect Sutterfield from harm.”

“Even if the officers did exceed constitutional boundaries,” the court document states, “they are protected by qualified immunity.”

The federal ruling affirms a legal loophole which allows targeted home invasions, warrantless searches, and gun confiscations that rest entirely in the hands of the Executive Branch. The emergency aid doctrine enables police to act without a search warrant, even if there is time to get one. When the government wants to check on someone, his or her rights are essentially suspended until the person’s sanity has been forcibly validated.

Whether or not this case was another staged event to further the agenda is unknowable. It does have all the pieces though, perfectly in place, to allow a nice little demonstration of all aspects of the ZWO totalitarian objectives with regard to gun-grabbing and forced so-called mental-health evaluations: 'Dutiful' psychiatrist reports gun-owning patient who makes suicidal remark, police then go into Gestapo mode for "patient's best interest", court follows up and says it's all good.

Real or staged makes no difference. Either way the precedent is set. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has green-lighted the Brave New World-style removal of citizens from society based on 'mental-health expert recommendation' agenda item. Which is exactly what it is - an agenda item, a major one at that. Ultimately it is about empowering the 'mental health' field as citizenship-cops, making 'evaluations' mandatory as part of routine (required) check-up(in's), thereby making the 'psych-ers' into nwo gatekeepers. NY already has it going [see 'related to' above], this 'event' in Milwaukee now opens it up on the Federal level. The intent is beyond clear. Be aware.

Compare (note: this came two days after the NY law [linked at top]): 23 Executive Orders, 33 Days After Sandy Hook: NWO Police State Integration Going Deep 1-17-13 "With 'current events' having created the pretext, these orders, coming in right on cue, are laying the groundwork to establish an incredibly integrated system of control throughout every area of society. Federal agents will be poking and probing and prodding into people's personal lives in ways never before seen. 'Trainers' are to be inserted into local law enforcement, schools, and "houses of worship" [#12, 19], no doubt doctors and health care providers will also require training to operate in their new capacity as 'spotters' [#16, 17], and "unnecessary legal barriers" will be removed [#2], allowing for a national database to be created - where all that information collected at schools and doctor's offices can be collated and kept - on who, what, where, and when." [see post]

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Rev. 18:4
1Thes. 5:3 'When They Shall Say, Peace And Safety; Then Sudden Destruction Cometh' - link

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