NFL Follows Script From 1 Yr. Ago: Polices Social Media, Player Sent To Reeducation For Michael Sam 'Disapproval'

The news is not new at this point. Everyone is aware of it by now that is, but it still needs to be noted, especially so as not to be passed over without making a conscious decision as to it's import on an individual level. It is imperative to do so. There is no longer any neutral ground. To proceed beyond this point as if nothing is different is to acquiesce. Have to decide now once and for all where you stand sports fans - that's just the way it is. Not to mention that without question from this point forward 'it' is only going to get worse, much worse. As to the story itself, the scripting [link] is, once again, obvious. First-ever 'openly-gay' NFL player gets drafted, then shown on national television 'kissing' another male. A current NFL player 'tweets disapproval', is openly reprimanded and ordered to "sensitivity school". Current player then apologizes profusely. And, easy as ABC, the object lesson is successfully demonstrated to all the world. Below is an excerpt of an article on the matter. Below that is a repost of a repost actually, as what has just been done is exactly what the novus-ordo-seclorum-ites said one year ago that they would do, i.e. "vow to monitor and deal with adverse public reaction". Not too much really need be added to what is written there except to definitely note that the "vow" thing...has now begun. Be aware.

Sensitive NFL football players? Pro sports, and the NFL in particular as it is taking the lead [link]...it's over...forever.

Dolphins' Don Jones fined for tweets about Michael Sam

The Miami Dolphins announced Sunday defensive back Don Jones was fined and excused from team activities until he undergoes sensitivity training after his tweets about Michael Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player.

"We were disappointed to read Don's tweets during the NFL draft," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said in a statement. "They were inappropriate and unacceptable, and we regret the negative impact these comments had on such an important weekend for the NFL.

"We met with Don (Sunday) about respect, discrimination and judgment. These comments are not consistent with the values and standards of our program. We will continue to emphasize and educate our players that these statements will not be tolerated."

"I want to apologize...Jones said in a statement..."I take full responsibility..."I sincerely apologize...I am committed to represent the values...


4-29-13 NBA Player 'Comes Out' - And Pro Sports Begin Open-Homosexual Era 4-29-13

Below article/comment reposted from 4-11-13...because....the "open-homosexual era" in pro sports went live today 4-29-13. First time ever, a male athlete from one of the 'big-4' professional sports 'came-out' - to across-the-board praise [link]. Pro sports have now been officially co-opted by the homosexual agenda. Well...it was a good run but it's over now. Buh-bye pro sports...all they want you for now is as an instrument of social change. Sons and daughters look up to professional athletes and aspire to achieve in the athletic arenas? - the influence will be extremely strong on them because, guaranteed, all the big names will be endorsing the 'new normal'. Watch and see... For the record, recommend not turning them over to that 'influence'. Regardless of who says what, God's Word, i.e the bible, says 'no' [link]. Siding with God is always a better idea.

[4-11-13] NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB Begin 'Open-Homosexual' Era - Vow To "Monitor...Deal With...Adverse Public Reaction"

NFL security prepares should player come out as gay usatoday.com

The NHL announced a partnership with a gay rights advocacy group Thursday. Other leagues are also taking steps on inclusion. The NFL's, NBA's and Major League Baseball's collective bargaining agreements ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league's rookie symposiums will include sessions on inclusion and tolerance. He also said NFL senior vice president of player engagement Troy Vincent met last week with three organizations representing the LGBT community, including You Can Play, the organization that is partnering with the NHL.

Should an NFL player or players come out, "Our league and team security people would be ready to monitor any kind of public reaction that might not be appropriate, including scrubbing social media" for potential threats, Aiello said. "We would assist the player in dealing with any adverse public reaction of any type, if there is any. Hopefully there wouldn't be and it would be a non-issue, which it should be."

The last bastion of (perceived) pure masculinity in so-called modern society...going going gone...replaced by "inclusion and tolerance" symposiums for homosexual behaviors. First it was the Military, next was the Boy Scouts, and now it's the 'manly' professional sports leagues. The NHL just announced a partnership with a "gay right's advocacy group", three LGBT organizations met with the NFL just last week, and Big Brother has made a not-so veiled threat to squelch any noise from the cheap seats...including..."scrubbing social media". Hard to say what that means. Does it mean that if people are chirping some LGBT-unapproved opinion-tweets that they might want to send them to tolerance-school too?

The new era of open-homosexuality in pro sports? ...Oh how the mighty have fallen!  Rev. 18:4
anathema maranatha - 1Cor. 16:22

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