NSA Psy-Op? Big Brother 'Disclosure' To Bring In Chill Factor - Inform John Q. Public That He's 'Snowden'

Follow up on: Gates Foundation To Track Social Media for 'Anti-Vaccine' Speakers - NWO Beginning Free Speech 'Chill' 6-1-13 "...the precedent being set will undoubtedly be used in ever widening applications...This now officially introduces the 'chill factor' into the social media environment, i.e. the injecting of fear. Imposing fear to silence opposition is censorship...[see post]
Two quotes from two different articles making the same 'chilling' point:

ACLU sues Obama administration over NSA surveillance
"In its lawsuit — which deals just with the phone call program — the ACLU said that the NSA collection system violates rights of free speech and privacy..."The crux of the government's justification for the program is the chilling logic that it can collect everyone's data now and ask questions later," said Alex Abdo, a staff attorney for the ACLU's National Security Project."

A Security Scholar Talks About the NSA Scandal
"What can they do with information that seems pretty generic? Whom you called, when you called. How do you carry that information forward into anything useful?..There are a couple of issues. I think the most important one is the potential chilling effect might be if we know, as we now know, that all our phone calls and our Internet activity could be collected, could be analyzed, they could be monitored in some way."

Going big with the chill factor. And as usual hiding clues in plain sight, in this case by use once again of the 'name game'. Script it all up, send it out, and what do you get? You get another 'snow job' from the NZWO (new-zionist-world-order) Bureau of Propaganda where nothing ever ever ever makes the 5:00 o'clock evening news, or gets disseminated through the national talk radio circuit ever ever ever unless minutely scripted for an exact purpose [link].

Who could believe for a half a second that the so-called msm, including all the talk radio disseminators of official propaganda, could possibly be breaking a real story. Not possible, for that is not part of the job description. How can it be when all the 'news' is manufactured to gain an objective? And clearly there is an objective here - which would be, not at all this 'major revelation' about Big Brother data collection, but what would be much better described simply as a 'disclosure'. Disclosing to John Q. Public that 'Big Brother data collection' has already happened, and as for the future, making the fact very clear for the express purpose of putting a permanent "chill factor" into the atmosphere, just as mentioned in the two quotes above. Which is exactly why 'it's all out in the open now'.

That "chilling" message has, it seems, been coded into this production of NSA leak-boy. The message is in the name. While the names in the various msm-productions cannot reasonably be expected to always contain some hidden clue, the fact is that they very often do - probably more than is ever revealed*. At any rate, working with the 'chill factor' theme, the tie-in to the name of the principal actor in NSA-leak boy is somewhat obvious - Snowden. Snow is cold, very chilly when in the snow. Worse than just being chilly in the snow is being 'Snowden'. Seems that this very well could be the 'hidden' message - snowed in - that is, that it is to get soooo chilly now, that John Q. will be effectually 'snowed in', being a proud declaration that as far as privacy of any sort goes it's 'game over'.

How this plays out short term is not yet knowable. Lawsuits are already starting as seen above with the ACLU, and the timing is just right for the July 4th Adam Kokesh show [link], possibly helping recruitment efforts for the 50 State Capitol civil-unrest marches. Put it all together and it is a recipe for prolonged chaos - ordo ab chao that is - just what the novus ordo seclorum spin-doctors ordered. Everything according to the playbook. Always. These are shorter-term considerations though, and until the drama plays out over the weeks and probably months ahead it is wait and see. A thought on possible longer-term ramifications though is the notion brought out in the first quote posted above on the idea of "collect[ing] everyone's data now and asking questions later".

Later? Like when a person is subjected to a mandatory 'mental health evaluation' [link] and the 'evaluators' suddenly pull out a little 'profile' on that individual...?
 Rev. 18:4
*on the name game, see: Sandy Hook; Boston; new pope
Proverbs 16:19 'Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud '

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