French Court Orders Twitter To Reveal Identities Of 'Hate Tweeters'; France Vows to Prosecute Them

Follow up on: French Government Gives Twitter 15 Days To Hand Over Identities Of 'Hate Tweeters' 1-28-13 "They have identified at least three categories that will now be subject to not only censorship, but evidently to criminal prosecution also, as the wording in the statement describes the government-determined offensive remarks as a "commission of...crimes"...Apparently, unapproved comments about homosexuality, "scary racism", or so-called anti-semitic remarks may now render the French citizen guilty of the crime of "hate speech", potentially punishable by the courts"...This is as much about online anonymity as it is about free speech. This action is very telling, most likely a set-up - make your own tweets, complain, push the NWO agenda - everbody identified, everybody controlled via the chill-factor on speaking out or against..."
Twitter must disclose authors of anti-Semitic tweets, French appeals court rules

A French court this week ordered Twitter to disclose the names of users accused of posting racist and anti-Semitic tweets, rejecting an appeal that the company filed in March. In a decision handed down Wednesday, a Paris appeals court confirmed that Twitter must provide its user data to France's Union of Jewish Students (UEJF) and four other human rights organizations that filed a complaint against the company in November 2012.

"Twitter must comply with legal orders to allow the identification, and therefore the conviction, of the authors of these hateful tweets," Vallaud-Belkacem continued.

In a statement posted to the UEJF site Wednesday, organization president Jonathan Hayoun lauded the court's decision, saying it's clear that Twitter can no longer "play with French justice."..."Our goal is to put a stop to the sense of impunity that racist and anti-Semitic authors feel on the internet," Hayoun said. "And Twitter must cooperate when this is the case."

"We are disappointed that the court has decided not to hear our appeal," the company said. "We are considering our options, including resubmitting the appeal."

compare :New York Proposes Outlawing Anonymous Comments Due To "Anonymous Criminals" 6-13-13

also: NSA Psy-Op? Big Brother 'Disclosure' To Bring In Chill Factor - Inform John Q. Public That He's 'Snowden' 6-11-13 "Snow is cold, very chilly when in the snow. Worse than just being chilly in the snow is being 'Snowden'. Seems that this very well could be the 'hidden' message - snowed in - that is, that it is to get soooo chilly now, that John Q. will be effectually 'snowed in', being a proud declaration that as far as privacy of any sort goes it's 'game over'"
It's beginning to look a lot like....a modified-weather blizzard is about to hit the 'information super-highway'. Be informed.  Rev. 18:4

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